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What religions did Plato and Socrates practice?

** I’m trying to learn the history of different religions, and how they originated.


  1. Plato advocates censoring “any story,” such as told “by Hesiod and Homer and the other poets,” which “gives a bad image of the nature of the gods,” portraying them as petty, devious, or “warring and plotting and fighting against each other.”
    Socrates was tried and convicted by the courts of democratic Athens on a charge of corrupting the youth and disbelieving in the ancestral gods. He made several references to his personal spirit, or daimonion, although he explicitly claimed that it never urged him on, but only warned him against various prospective events. Many of his contemporaries were suspicious of Socrates’s daimonion as a rejection of the state religion. It is generally understood that Socrates’s daimonion is akin to intuition. Moreover, Socrates claimed that the concept of goodness, instead of being determined by what the gods wanted, actually precedes the entire business of deities.
    This has little relevancy to modern religions, however.
    Contact me for specifics or discussion.
    Which religion are you wanting to know the origins for in particular?

  2. If you’re interested in the origin of religions then you won’t find it with the great greek philosophers of the time. Or of any other philosophers for that matter. These great thinkers of their time were not so concerned with worship as they were about knowledge in general.
    The oldest and eastern religions, Hinduism from which Buddhism was derived. Then came Judaism from which came Christianity. And the youngest is Islam. Those are the main ones.
    My answer is not incomplete. I gave a very short run down because I don’t like to write long pages on here. You can look any one of the religions up on the net or in books/library.

  3. They both predate Christianity. The religion of ancient Greece was Pagan (like Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Hades…)


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