What religion(s) are most likely to survive the 21st century.?

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Some religions have died out in the past. Some have grown and prospered. I’m hoping for a spiritual awakening that will guide mankind a hundred years from now. What’s it gonna be?

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Ha, what makes you think that its going to happen in a hundred years. Think about how many credible religions surfaced in the last hundred years, then take that into consideration when asking a question like this

☮ Pangel ☮

most of the young religions .. especially nature religions
I believe we are going back to those


Wicca and other new age religions


EDIT: Oh wait. That’s not a religion. My bad. :p


Judaism and christianity survived all and will always but Jesus will be back before that


The most ruthless and intolerant religions that pander and appeal to the ignorant will be the ones that survive the 21st century.
Remember, ignorant people greatly outnumber intelligent, critical thinking people. And, people are what allow religions to survive.

Dedicated to Evolution

Not scientology! Probably by 2100 we will have enough things to prove how we were generated besides for some god.

Star T

Elementary question……the true one of course.


I honestly think that by then most religions will have died out.


Jehovah’s Witnesses. All their beliefs are based on God’s Word, the Bible.


A century isn’t long enough for any major religions, which have survived thousands upon thousands of years, to suddenly crash and burn.
Maybe some very, very small sects of small religions will fade away or evolve into another set of beliefs, and a change in the percentages of believers in religions (at least in some countries) is also likely, but it is very doubtful any major religions to die.


Virtually all the commonly known religions will survive pretty easily. Religions, once they catch on, do not disappear much.
They’ll probably change in various ways, though. Islam will probably get more progressive and liberalized, and very likely Christianity will become more liberal by the end of the century. Time has a moderating effect.


It won’t matter because the universe will still abide by the same laws of nature that GOD instilled. “What’s it gonna be?” It’s “gonna” be God that outlasts anything that doesn’t follow.


Hinduism, the oldest existing religion.


None. Humans will get wiped out by some super-virus, or hit by a massive asteroid, or perhaps we will nuke ourselves out of existence.
Oh, and my biggest fear, A HUGE SOLAR FLARE!
Live as if tomorrow is your last day. It just could be. Repent


The Baha’i Faith. Despite nearly constant persecution in some Muslim countries, it as grown to have 7 million adherents since 1844. The number is double the figure of 30 years ago; slow, steady, organic growth that will only continue, and could increase 10-fold by 2100.


Pantheism definitely. Pantheism is the belief that Nature is our god. It is becoming much more popular, and I suggest learning more at this website: http://www.pantheist.net
Here is a bit form another Pantheist website:
Long ago Pantheism overspread the world. Yet contemporary reference books contain scant mention of the religion. How could a once universal faith go so little recognized today? And how could Pantheism go worldwide again tomorrow?
Scholars conjecture that a sense of divinity in Nature co-evolved with the first emergence of human consciousness, perhaps 100,000 years ago. The earliest god was Nature. “As far back as we are able to look into the past,” says historian Colin Wilson, “human beings seem to have worshipednature, and connected it to a higher spiritual reality, which they called god or the divine.” Such pantheistic intuition predates all known religions of recorded history and probably prevailed for many thousands of years.
Gradually humans elaborated on the sense of an immanent creative force in Nature. They invested individual natural features like mountains, trees, and thunder with divinity, which led to polytheism. Later still, monotheism supplanted natural divinities with a single supernatural entity above and beyond Nature. Nature became profane. Revering the Earth became a heathen heresy. Monotheism effectively demonized Pantheism in the Middle Ages and, to this day, Pantheism retains a residual stigma of orthodox opprobrium that helps to explain its infrequent recognition.
The rise of scientific inquiry brought Pantheism back to life. In the 19th century, Science reduced everything to material elements working through ascertainable natural laws. However, modern science has found that all matter consists of incredible vibrating energy. From quarks to quasars, science reveals a Universe infinitely more wondrous and mysterious than any supernatural world envisioned by Man. By reestablishing the natural world as the preeminent source of awe and wonder, and by disclosing the myriad miracles of existence, science rekindles reverence for life and being. The idea of god as ‘Nature and its creative forces’ dovetails with the latest scientific discoveries. The synergy between science and Pantheism bodes well for the future of Pantheism..
So does environmentalism. Since Earth Day in 1970, ecological issues have gained widespread public attention. Some progress has been made, but global pollution, habitat destruction and accelerating extinction rates keep Nature on the front page. More and more people recognize the connection between biodiversity and human well being . Conservation organizations, outdoor writers, ecotours, and field guides popularize the love of Nature. Humans hold sacred what they most dearly love and value, and thus Pantheism often arises from personal experience in Nature. Many current titles explore this theme, including: The Sacred Earth; Writers On Nature & Spirit; and The Soul Unearthed, Celebrating Wildness & Personal Renewal Through Nature. The continued growth of environmentalism and the flowering of Pantheism go hand in hand


I’m not sure which religions specifically are most likely to survive the 21st century, but I feel the way for a religion to survive is by having the ability to adapt and change as society changes.


I am hoping that Revelation happens in the next decade so this question will be obsolete. If not I can only reassure you of only two that will be still going strong..The Roman Catholic Church and all her churches that follow her in Sunday Worship and the Seventh day Adventist who is totally against the Roman Catholic teachings and its Authority—and only because their teaching are not Biblical, they have changed the Times and Laws and their whole existence matches Revelation to a tee. Their whole History is all down in Black and White to compare to Scripture. Revelation 18:4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and ye receive not of her plagues.


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