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What religion would this be?

Ok so I’m having a religious/spiritual crisis. Recently, I’ve been finding it really hard to believe my religion and its ways.
What I truly love and believe in is nature. I believe in living your life for this lifetime and not the next, which means not serving God in any way, or worshiping it. I do believe in karma and I don’t believe any religious restrictions should be on us. So which religion do these beliefs fall under?
So, nature, now, karma… I believe other things as well but these are the mains ones.
ps. I don’t mean serving nature or anything like that…just loving it. …
I’m confused :s


  1. You sound like some sort of Pagan (we’re a very diverse group…you’d fit right in).
    Congratulations, you’re one of us now.

  2. What do you need religion for?
    Sounds like you know what you like.
    None of those things have anything to do with religion.
    Embrace it.

  3. Buddhism, Taoism, different sects of Paganism. Start looking there, if you don’t find a perfect fit, you’ll still be heading in the right direction.

  4. Why would you choose to worship the creation as nature and karma (which is connected to the spiritual realm) instead of the God the Creator who created nature and the spirit realm?
    Just curious.

  5. Congratulations! You have just made up your own religion based on what you think, feel, and experience. That’s a problem because your truth is different than everyone else’s truth.
    There is only one truth and it existed far before you were born. We need to be highly motivated to find truth that we think we created. For me it’s Jesus. He can be found in the Word of God and I didn’t make it up!

  6. Answer:
    Your own personal relationship with God.
    I adhere to my personal relationship with God and prayer anymore, and keep away from all organized religions. No imperfect men [or women] should be dictating your life to you as God gave us free will — to choose him [or not],
    Only God will judge, but he gave us all common sense.

  7. well buddhism is probably the one religion that describes that you dont have to worry about serving buddah if you don’t want to and you are free to practice or ignor any other religion holiday into your life. not trying to be a jerk to other religions im not saying that they are bad im just saying that the religion that seems to suit you is buddhism. there also is daoism when they believe that people should embrace nature and we all should give into our human instinct. daoism is also a very peaceful religion to practice as well. but i would go with buddhism not trying to put pressure onto you its just buddhism is more open to other religions and not trying to fight against the other ones because they are diffrent in fact they embrace that diffrence and except it and respect it which i think is a good thing in life. you dont have to be like a monk or anything just like be at peace with yourself and enjoy life and nature and anything eles you may wish to enjoy or love with compassion

  8. Sounds like New Age. Let’s see:
    Rejection of traditional religion: check.
    Adoption of Eastern religious concepts: check.
    Adherence to pseudo-mystic principles: check.
    I can’t be sure, but you sound like a Westerner. Are you a Westerner? You check this one for me.
    Fits to me. All you’re missing is the ganja and some ugly statue of Buddha in your living room or wherever it is you sit to look outside the window at “Nature” with a capital N.

  9. Answer: New Age – ism
    Simply put, it’s akin to going to a buffet with your plate in hand and only selecting the morsels that appeals to you.
    Also known as Al-a-carte Religion – you pick and choose what fits you from the menu.
    I can only wonder what provoked or is at the core of this ‘crisis’ you are having. I pray you come into the knowledge of the Truth and that you find peace that surpasses understanding. Else, it concerns me that you may stay in a crisis mode perpetually.
    As far as your belief that no religious restrictions should be placed on us. I tend to agree. Hence the reason for the term religion. See, it’s not about religions or the bondage that comes with them. It’s about liberty and walking fully in that state that not only sets you free but frees those whom you come into contact with, eventually and perpetually.
    If you do pray, pray that the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened. The ‘eyes of your understanding’ signifies your perception of where you are – this present life – the now.
    Enlightenment of the eyes of your understanding means in general terms a nakedness of your soul. The eyes in most cultures and religions being the window to your soul. The soul being the place where you come to terms with you. It is the soul of a person that needs understanding and connection to ‘something’ greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the soul that hungers and thirsts. It’s the soul that enters into a place of rest and provokes for the entire body and spirit a sense of balance. It’s your soul that is in turmoil trying to achieve the level of balance.
    You won’t find the balance where you look. You will find it how you be.
    Not the best english. But maybe I define it this way:
    Nature is and does what it is created to do. Every seed of every fruit or weed brings back after it’s kind. Apples bring back apples. Dandelions bring back dandelions. Everything after it’s own kind.
    Therefore, you are after your own kind. What’s in you is in you because it was sown in you by factors that you came into contact with during this lifetime. So, naturally, they are bringing forth fruit after their own kind. Confusion bears confusion, love bears/breathes love, life breaths life, death breaths death.
    So, want truth, get truth. Want to know the creator, look at the creation. Really look at the creation. EVERYTHING within it. It is fruitful to seek so that you might find. It’s prudent to search. Running water searches the rock and pebbles and promotes life. While stagnant waters do the opposite. Nature declares truth so that you might know truth. Yes, embrace it. But, know that IT was created by the same thing that created you and wants to connect with you on a more than superficial level.
    Rejoice in the fact that you can see such majesty in nature – God it takes my breath away! But don’t stop there and don’t allow yourself to be put into any bondage that makes you fearful. Believe in Karma. It’s only a word. it’s the concept behind it that’s important. The concept is based on truth. What goes around comes around. The good that you do will come back to you, etc. Truth is all that matters.
    Forgive my long winded answer. I did get carried away and did want to address every facet of your question. Thanks for reading!


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