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What religion should I follow?

I may just may… leave the religion of christianity and decide upon buduh,celtic,hindu, ect. those are the three main ones ive been thinking about. The two main reasons i quit christianiy is because its so popular and you see it every were i mean EVERY were that its boring and old. Another reason is because I want to learn the sacred martial art of controlling chi, useing chi to heal, useing energy,meditateing, and learning about multiple gods and chakra. And in the bible that stuff is phrobited…. oir is it? is useing energy too heal not allowed in christianity? what about useing chi techniques to defend yourself and relaxation. If it is against the bible then bingo, im changeing it, and not to be rude but i would like to ask you christians out there not to encourage me to change my mind and follow the same old religion, if you do i will ignore you and its a free country so please stop it. any way,…. the religions ive mostly been thinking about are buduh, hindu. Buduh and hindu because it has to do alot with what i was talking about. And celtic because its cool and intresting, plus i love nature, plants, and would love to become a druid. which religion is most real and which should i pick?


  1. It’s up to you.
    Might I suggest it learning the truth of the bible as opposed to traditions of men

  2. Ummm
    I’ll just say either Buddhism or Taoism, you can’t go wrong either way but Buddhism is more popular and easier to find a temple and textbook

  3. I guess you never had a relationship with God, because if you did, then you could ask him, and he would guide you to the right one !…….Just assuming of course !

  4. Boring and old? Are those honestly your reasons for thinking of rejecting Christianity? How are either of those things relevant to whether Christianity is true? Do you think that nothing is true unless it is exciting and new? Do you just not care what’s true?

  5. those are some freakin’ dumb reasons for leaving Christianity, but at least you’re more honest about it than most ex-Christians

  6. I didn’t read your whole thing, but I just have to recommend NOT trusting your religious beliefs with the Yahoo Answers community (no offense guys)

  7. i am not christian nor have i ever been . i was in the baptised catholic however, My parents took me to verity of churches to show me differance beliefs One thing i did learn is that you have to follow your heart if you dont you will not be happy nor will the people you are around with my self i am into celtic. but i have an open mind to all
    for the most part i try listen to my inner spirit what every your choice it is still your choice no one can tell you how to BELIEVE ————

  8. U have to choose the religion that will lead u at the end to the heaven. THERE IS ONE TRUE GOD AND ONE TRUE RELIGION BUT U HAVE TO SEARCH TO FIND IT.
    The one that will lead u to the Real God who created all things nature plants..and created u too .and i think its not important that religion must be cool to follow it, it must be not a died religion without a live creator.
    And the best advice ever to have the right choice is: to talk to God will all of ur heart And to tell him that u want him to decares himself to u .. he is Alive!
    And sorry but i reaally wannt to tell u someting that i experienced i’m a christian and i was thinking like u that Christianty is so boring but oneday 248 sine 5 years old i was unhopeless and i was cryingggggg to God with loud voice in my room and cring to him and asked him to declare himself to me and then i felt that i couldnt stop crying coz of Joy i felt a GREAT GREAT JOY in my heart coz i felt exactly like someone is inside of me (Born Again) and coudnt sleeeep this day till 3:00 am coz of this great joy and my life was changed totallly and since this day God did in my life a very Strong Things Beleive me PLZ!
    First of all the problem of reading the bible was solved i was like a mystery yeh reallly:)
    and the secret was someone told me to pray seeking God to fill me with the Holy Spirit coz God said ” If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the ->HOLY SPIRIT<- to those who ask Him!" and i did .. i prayed to fill me with the Holy Spirit .. I Have a lots of wondefull exciting funny stories in my relationship with God ..yep.. Beleive it or not ..God is not boring at all 🙂 its a lie yeh refuse this idea plz! Do u think if God who created all those exciting things nature, mountains, rivers and place especialy for our happiness is he boring its a lie that devil always says..there is someone who realy cares about u 🙂 if u dont ask u will not receive beleive me PLZ its A LIVE EXPERIENCE! and hope u dont ignore me LOL! I Really Cares about U 🙂 whnen u experience a Great thing u want all ppl to experience it toooo ANd remember God is the most exciting one EVERRR

  9. Being a Born Again Christian is not a “religion”. I feel very sorry for you getting away from it. You are just trying to find something so you feel cool and feel like you belong.
    I assure you, you are not going to be very cool in Hell. You were never a born again Christian to begin with, which is 110% obvious, because no true follower of Christ would ever choose another path.
    You’ve obviously already made your mind up and have chosen the wrong path. You cannot serve two masters, period! You choose Jesus or you choose the devil. The devils path is what you are on. So sad.
    I hope you realize that your eternity IS going to be spent with Satan in Hell. Change your ways now or suffer ALL the consequences! I hate to see a soul go to waste.
    Reverend Shelley, A Born Again Christian and SO proud of it! I love my Lord and Savior!


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