Home Discussion Forum What religion is closest to a belief such as:?

What religion is closest to a belief such as:?

God is the collected consciousness of all who aren’t in this reality anymore. All who have lived and died join the consciousness of God. All that is known or has been or is becomes known. We all become one, so to hurt each other is to hurt yourself.
Yes I am a very weird individual. And who says God had to create anything? Organic material formed from inorganic material… Life came from unlife… so what is there to stop something coming from nothing?


  1. Try Buddhism although it’s not necessarily a religion but a way of life.
    I would suggest scrapping it all though.
    To the person who “corrected” me, Buddhism is considered a religion mainly by those who are not Buddhists as a way to categorize and classify those peoples set of beliefs and way of life. Buddhism does not have a god per se but does believe in a sort of collective consciousness.

  2. Gnostcism is like this as is Christian Science. If Buddhism believed in God it would align with this. Hinduism also approaches a similar type of belief.

  3. all three main religons (christianity, muslim, and jewism) well they all have the same concept cause they all came from jewism and christian and muslim are mainly remix of jewism. hinduism and buddihism believe in reincarnation.

  4. Logically that doesn’t make sense, because God would have to exist in some form to initially create the first consciousness (if you believe that God is creator).
    I’d file this belief under religion in the sub-directory of delusion.

  5. Its The Dae which is a way of life that works good with a religion
    And to correct the person that said that Buddhism is not a religion your wrong it is a religion

  6. It could be called Rosemosterology because you seem to verbalize MY views exactly here! lol!!
    I am neither religious nor atheist, but just your basic spiritual person. I was born Catholic and have studied many religions – my conclusion is that I don’t need a group to follow. I consider myself an “upstanding citizen of planet earth” – that is my label.
    I’ve always believed in God as a collective. I used the give the analogy of drops of water going back the sea. The sea is God, we are the drops. Individually, we cannot say that a drop of water is the sea. However, when that drop goes back to the sea, it absolutely becomes one with it.
    I don’t often come across people who think like me in this respect – I’m told I’m a little “out there.” Nice to see I’m not alone out here! 😀


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