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What religion do I belong to?

Where does my faith belong? I have been searching for years now trying to find a religion that works for me. I know, religion is one of the hardest things to understand. But, I really feel that I need something religious to look too. So I figure if I list out my beliefs, someone can point me in the right direction, or at least give me some ideas. So here goes:
-I believe that there is something controlling my destiny
-That i should set aside some time out of my day/week/life to give thanks to whatever it is
-That meditation and yoga, possibly even chakra stones might help me get closer to whatever is up there
-That there is some truth in science. I don’t believe in evolution, but I don’t believe a man got swallowed up by a whale either
So if you could help my in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated. By the way, if there’s something i can help you with, send me a link!


  1. I’m Gnostic, by definition it was the first religion made, thought I call it spirituality. It where you believe in an all loving God that’s forgiving and will love you no matter what. You can stop loving him, but he will never stop loving you. And that we reincarnate here to learn. In heaven, everything is peace and love, so you come here and feel hate, anger, jealousy, pain sadness, and with that you learn from your experiences. Like if you read about it, you don’t really know about it till it’s happened to you. That’s what the Adam and Eve this is, they were in the most perfect place where nothing could hurt them, they were safe. Then ate from the tree of knowledge, but with the knowledge, they wanted to go out and experience it. So they left the garden to go learn, not because go banished them from eating fruit.
    You make a chart to plan your life in heaven, like if you will have kids, where you live, you your close too. So on. The you choose your angels to protect you on you journey, your spirit guide, and your Totem. Then you leave the beautiful heaven to this place, where your weighed down by your body, the emotions, the problems. But then when you die you go back, where you have become stronger and have advanced spiritually. We right now and in the baddest hell you can be in, but we choose to go to learn. God did not make a hell, other wise he would have to be bad.
    God made us in his image, so why is there only a man? Is it because man made the Bile and they wanted power over woman? You bet. There’s a mother God and Father god. There has to be balance.
    I chose this because it made sense. I used to be Catholic, but I was tired of being ruled with laws that filled me with fear and guilt. This truly spoke to me, and I just knew it was right because it made sense.
    For more about this, e-mail me or go to: http://www.gnosticawakenings.com/

  2. Hello, Nicole:
    I felt the same way, and knew if someone could prove to me God existed, I would serve Him unflinchingly.
    I also thought the Bible was a composition of suppositions and superstitions, but when I went one to one with the Book, bypassing pastors, God revealed much more than you can imagine.
    For start, make your thoughts verbal to God and ask Him to reveal to you His will. Study His Bible, and read His last-day message: http://revelado.org/thetimeoftheend.pdf that was closed up until now, this special time of history.
    Blessings, Ben Yeshua

  3. It isn’t about listing your beliefs and trying to figure out what religion you belong in. Your quest should be for the truth. I am a Christian because I cried out to God when I was at my lowest point in my life and He became real to me in a very powerful way. He changed my life in a very radical way. When you start reading the Bible as a new Christian, the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you in a way that you never thought possible. He answers prayers. Ask Jesus to reveal himself to you.


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