what religion believes in random reincarnation?






what i mean by this is that you could be reincarnated as any animal and in completely random what you become


  1. All of the religions that teach reincarnation teach that you can be reincarnated as an animal, except the new Hollywood version of Buddhism.

  2. I don’t think there is one where it’s just random. The only religions I know of that believe in reincarnation base the ‘next life’ outcome on some sort of criteria. Maybe I’m wrong. Just my gathering.

  3. Buddhism is one religion that believes in reincarnation, but it isn’t random. Depending on your actions in life, you can be reincarnated into any living thing.

  4. None that I know of, but possibly a very primitive belief system might think so. Reincarnation is a learning process, a way for the spirit to (very gradually) evolve. It’s about progressing forward and restoring harmony. To correct another poster, it is not true that all religions aware of reincarnation teach that humans return as animals. Eastern religions are not representative of of reincarnation, only of in their own version of it. Judaism, for example, has always taught reincarnation as a basic principle. This is believed by many to be one of the truths given to Moses on Mount Sinai. This belief, which dates back thousands of years and has biblical references to support it, teaches that humans do not become animals. Early Christianity (which was an offshoot of Judaism originally) also taught human-to-human reincarnation.

  5. At least the tibetan buddhists believe in the concept of trans migration of a soul
    to a lower life form. I have read some books alluding to that type of rebirth
    as maybe a worm. If they were plowing the earth, they would be careful not
    to sever a worm. But I have not read any of their religious books explaining
    the doctrine.

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