What religion are you, and how to you feel about Aleister Crowley? (sinner or saint)?

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Me? My ‘religion’ varies, but is probably best labeled thelemic christo-pagan-agnostic discordian-neoplatonist.
eh, that doesn’t do well to describe what I am… but who can say “I AM” anyway? Maybe The Seeker. (as in The Who)
What I think of Crowley?: I agree he was (to use these words) Pretentious, not particularly more ‘enlightened’ than anyone else, opportunistic, hedonistic, more than ‘kinda sick,’ and intriguing in the possibility that he’s right about even some of what he taught.

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Dennis D

I’m a Seventh Day Adventist. And I don’t know who or what Aleister Crowley is.

Comrade Abdul, Mocker & Scoffer

I’m an atheist, and I think Crowley was pretentious and utterly wrong.

â—¦Delylah is having a baby girl!â—¦

I’m a Christian, and I’ve enjoyed reading some of Crowley’s work … but I don’t think he was particularly more “enlightened” than anyone else.


I’m Presbyterian. From what I’ve read about Crowley, it sounds he was an opportunistic and hedonistic con man who fancied himself a mystic.

Full Metal Alchemist Girl

I am Muslim. And yeah!!! I totally think he was a sinner. I mean, come on! What he did about his you-know-life was kinda sick. No offence if you like him or anything. I have a question for you! What is your religion and what do you think about Aleister Crowley?


pagan and feel that he is misunderstood. just like all other public figures there is the hype and then there is the reality. folks want to believe that he was either the worst man who ever lived or that he is some sort of god.
i view him as a messenger. just like the message of christ, his has been taken, twisted, and used to take advantage of people.

Heathen Princess HPFBD JPA

I don’t know much about him, but what I do know he was a little whacked.
Highly intelliegent. But is a crazy way. Sort of like VanGough.


I’m Asatru and I have always found Crowley’s writings to be, at least on some level, thought provoking. I don’t necessarily agree with all of his ideas, in fact some of them I adamantly and profoundly DISAGREE with, (Like that damnedable “K” at the end of the word magic. Yes HE started that.) But for the most part his writings will make one think in new ways if only to find ways to debate against them or to even understand them enogh to know if you agree with them or not.


I too am a Hybrid in the religious sort of way; I think of myself as more of a Spiritual Being than anything. Mr. Crowley is both a sinner and a saint; more or less the Human condition. I find him thought provoking and some of his stuff is truly useful.


I was Christened Church of England, but go to a Spiritualist Church, which they don’t ram everything down you throat or take your money.
He has(d) free Will, an interesting life
Why do you judge him?


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