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What religion are Clairvoyance's?

OK, So there are people out there saying that they can communicate with the dead, so where does this leave all the different types of religous beliefs and have any of them ever asked about God, where he is and whats he up to ?

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  1. it is called necromancing -communicating with spirits that impersonate people-and yet is found in the book of Samuel when Eli communicated with Samuel who had passed on and was condemned for doing it=Isaiah 47:13 says they will all burn.
    why not get true faith by prayer and miracles-it worked for me=yes and I have prayed and seen miracles to deliver me
    and i think many people even without prayer know in their heart Jesus rescued them-even point in fact as in the salvation message for heaven too when we believe.
    many life saving even from the dead are recorded the bible old testament is written to the Jewish people and an example to the believers in Jesus.
    but as in my life too-there is still truth and error-truth from the word of God as Jesus says and yet still get demonic influence too some tell of near death experiences for going into the occult and other things apart from the bible-Look at Jim Jones-throwing down the bible as saying anyone that believes the paper God leave-and then going to the cool aid death deal and moving the followers to South America.
    Jesus said if you add to my words you will have plagues=Revelation 22nd last chapter of the Bible
    yet in coming to Jesus it has helped me get heavenly insights too to protect my life, yet there are deamons as Jesus says coming as creatures of ‘light’=the greatest protection is prayer-and to be forwarned is to be forarmed.
    there is a fine line here-if we are talking about the life
    this is how I came to know the way=
    Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no one cometh unto the father but by me.” John 14:6 some believe Jesus and others say they do and reject him.
    this is what helped me see the issue clearly and know the Messiah as my best friend=faith/trust “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17
    Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away but my word will never pass away. and if you add or take out of my word you will have plagues/your name taken out of the book of life=Revelation 22
    God is God and can do anything-even manifest himself in the form of a man-as promised-Isaiah 53 “He will be rejected and lay down his life to make atonment for our sins.”
    His salvation his death redemption for us-while saying Jesus was without sin born from a virgin to live pure and die for our sins
    Like love your enemies as you love yourself
    He also said “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.”
    this is how I as a Jew came to know Jesus too=as promised Jesus is God and gives good peace & gives good advice = Isaiah 9:6
    “Unto us a child will be born, a son given and he will be almighty God, the wonderful counselor, and the prince of peace.
    this is what helped me to prepare for life and my future, and it works=Romans 1 tells it comes from unthankfulness and worshiping the created instead of the creator. But redemption/salvation to be new in heart with new thoughts is available=
    in Jesus amazing grace that saved me=John 3 repented of sins and got born again
    He said to us “I love you and knock on your heart door, if you repent and turn quickly to me, I will come into your heart door and be your friend, and you mine if you ask me in. Revelation 3:19&20
    so I prayed and it workedHe is my Messiah now savior and best friend= “Jesus come into my heart, I am sorry for my sins (even one lie) help be do better and be my friend, amen.
    prayin for you Romans 1:16 unashamed of the truth to care and share the gospel, David and keep lookin up and you will never be let down =
    Shalom/Salam in the prince of Peace, help others to think about life and death -and the gospel in Jesus of the story heart to heart

  2. Modern perspectives by evangelicals
    It is clear that paradigm shifts have occurred in the world in recent years. The phenomenal changes over just the past century in world population, technology, warfare, and moral attitudes are indeed awesome. These changes, along with growing awareness of global issues such as ecological problems and the general nuclear threat inspire belief systems among both the secular and the religious that the world system cannot continue on its path without major changes. Conflict regarding the path of society is further fueled by controversial social issues such as the roles of religion and spirituality in society, human abortion and genetic manipulation, and the introduction of scientific theories such as the “big bang” origin of the universe and evolutionary theory in the form given by Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, and Herbert Spencer. All of the modern issues mentioned are typically referred to as evidence of being in the end times by many evangalists who preach Bible prophecy.
    Among many Christian religions the prophecy that Jesus will return to Earth (second coming) is highly important. Since 32 AD, many specific timeframes for this prediction have been declared by individuals and groups (such as Jehovah’s Witnesses), although many of these dates have expired without the occurrences predicted – (see “Timeline of unfulfilled Christian Prophecy”). Evidence suggests that more than ever modern evangelicals believe the current generation will see this monumentous event. – (see External Links). An official statement of the Vatican asserts, “we are already in the last hour” (statement 670).
    Although there are many variations in perspective among religious believers, a few specific events which are commonly held by many of dispensationalist inclination have been attributed to Bible passages:
    The revival of Israel as a nation, (last generation before Christ): Parable of the fig tree, Matt.24:32, Mark 13:28, Luke 21:29
    A strong and united European state, or United States of Europe, (revived Roman Empire): Daniel 2
    Various tribulation events, (signs of the times): Matt.24:4, Mark 13:5, Luke 21:5
    Additionally, some popular conjectures on the progression of currently existing situations into prophecy fulfilment include:
    Implantable microchip identification -> Mark of the beast, Rev.13:16
    Role of the EU in Middle East peace -> Antichrist & peace treaty, Dan.9:27,11:21, Rev.13
    The new Sanhedrin, plans for new Temple (Many end-time passages require Temple to exist)
    War in Iraq -> Jeremiah 50 – “Concerning Babylon, A nation from the north will capture her” (It is important to note that Iraq has been conquered several times by Ottoman Turks, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, etc., and perhaps counting British capture)
    In the 1990s, a new way to prophetically interpret the Bible was instigated. Proposed by Eliyahu Rips, it was said[1] that words and short phrases were hidden in the Hebrew Bible as skip-letter sequences (every 30th letter, for example). The mathematical probability for several coded words which are related to occur within the same area of the Bible was calculated to be enormously greater than chance. The code reportedly predicted the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, a year in advance. A comprehensive explanation of how this phenomenon can occur naturally was later published [4] in 1999 by Brendan McKay et al., although the Bible code continues to be explored and debated. (For more complete information see Bible Code.)
    [edit] Classifications of Biblical prophecy
    Bible prophecy can be broken down into several groups of related prophecies sharing a central theme. Some prophecies can share multiple themes, and may occur in more than one list. As with many other Biblical topics, viewpoints often divide along Christian and Jewish denominational lines.
    General – Bible Prophecies that deal with various places and people.
    Eschatology – The prophecies concerning the last things.
    Christian eschatology – Christian viewpoint of final events.
    Millennialism – Belief in a thousand year reign of Christ on earth
    Israelology – Prophecies concerning Israel, the nation, the people, and the man.
    Messianic – The prophecies concerning the Messiah.
    For more information see web site below

  3. The meaning of Clairvoyant is one who sees. They possess second sight and interpret via imagery, scrying and vision.
    A Medium is one who acts as a channel for spirit, whether earthly or otherwise.
    Some people practise both arts.
    Many of these people have a faith and worship among the various religious communities.
    The Christian Church does not deny nor support these practises. Because it is difficult to ever define the source(good or evil) or authenticity of these practices it warns to stay clear of them.
    The idea of people possessing spiritual powers, insight or knowledge which cannot be verified as “holy” is one which leaves a lot of people feeling uncomfortable.

  4. They are spiritualists and they have their own church and yes they do believe in God and consider themselves Christians!

  5. No dogmatic religion has in their hands the absolute Truth.
    Those who are not happy of the dogmatic believe are looking for the Truth. The contact with the spiritual world is a way to make investigations. You may go to Psychic Research College, 16 Queensberry Pl. London SW7 http://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/index.html or to the S.A.GB Spiritual Association of Great Britain in London, 33 Belgrave Sq. http://www.sagb.org.uk/ and assist to some experiments and judge them.
    But I suggest to read books about paranormal experiences lived by some people.

  6. to me their basically witches It’s a form of witchcraft . no one can communicate with the dead when someone’s dead their dead . their’s In between .

  7. There is a story in the Bible where King Saul went to speak to a Witch. He asked her to call up Samuel, who was dead. When she called him up she was scared stiff because it was actually Samuel who came. She wasn’t used to speaking to a dead person, she was used to talking to a demon who would tell her what the other person wanted to know.
    People who claim to be talking to people who have died are actually talking to demons taking on that form, even if they themselves are not aware of it.


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