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What religion am I/would this be??

This is what I believe: Karma effects everything we do. There is no heaven; no hell, where you stay once you die. There are no gods. We are one with nature, and meditation can help you figure out a lot of things, and clears your mind of fogginess so solving problems can become simpler. What religion might this be?
Or is it even a religion? I believe that when a body dies, the soul moves onto something else. Is this reincarnation?
And I know it doesn’t have to be a religion, but I want to be able to call myself SOMETHING
pretty sure its zen buddhism??
Just because I do not know all the facts, being a teenager, does not mean I am stupid, Billy Mays. jeez. And i worded some of the original question wrong.


  1. you like myself are a zen buddhist. you should considered talking with a monk at ur nearest buddhist church to discuss and further develop ur beliefs.

  2. What you describe doesn’t mark you as any particular religion. You may find a lot of kindred spirits among pagans and new agers.
    The fact that you do not believe there are any gods makes you an atheist, although the “one with nature” stance make you similar to a pantheist (who believe that everything is connected and everything is God)

  3. http://www.beliefnet.com/story/76/story_7665_1.html
    From a cultural standpoint people in the West are so concerned with conforming to some religious label. Don’t be. You have your own convictions which may transcend puported religious barriers. I wouldn’t call myself an atheist because I don’t believe in a Zeus-like guy up in the clouds, but I have some concept of Deity that I’ve yet only to find bits and pieces in various belief systems. I don’t label myself, I just believe what I believe, believing every belief system to be a manifestation of society and culture with echoes of some inarticulable, ineffable truth incapable of being reached by mankind. You have your own beliefs. It’s your religion, if you want to call it that.

  4. I read up to Karma, and then realized you were stupid. You’d be a perfect fit for Scientology.
    EDIT: don’t get all defensive. I’m just saying that whoever believes in Karma is stupid.

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