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What really makes people happy?

is it true, happiness can not be found by looking there,
or engaging in that game…or gossip. neither by having youth or family…
We need to bring all Colors of the rainbow into our Aura. Your thoughts?


  1. Happiness is unique for all people.
    Some find happiness in being with friends or family.
    Some find joy in success, or solving a difficult riddle.
    Some people find satisfaction with hurting others.
    Some people are happy to rack of achievement points in a video game.

  2. drugs and alchohol make people happy.
    but it becomes addiction, and people become enslaved to them,
    freedom makes people happy especially from tryanny and especially from addictions

  3. love is what makes us happy, no matter what form it takes. if it’s romance, family, a hobby or profession, it doesn’t matter so long as we have something to be passionate about. something to live for.

  4. ✟Ї ḓ◎ᾔ'т ḟ℮ℯℓ ṧ◎ ℊ◎ø∂╰☆╮

    Happiness is confronting life as it is, what can harm you if you can confront it?

  5. I think after fulfilling one’s basic needs, self-actualization and acceptance of his morality make one truly content, which is different from being happy. I would rather be content than try to establish a state of feeling that constantly changes.
    Peace 🙂

  6. The world takes happpiness just as quickly as it gives it. Only God through Christ can provide dependable and lasting blessings.


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