What really happens to our consciousness after we die?






what is it like to not be able to think anymore or have a brain to sense things or remember things? our awareness suddenly becoming into a singularity….? What do you think?


  1. It is completely beyond our imagination. We can’t imagine utter nothingness. It is usually depicted as dark, silent, space. But Darkness is still something. If you know there’s darkness, you’re still thinking which means you still exist.
    My personal belief is reincarnation: that heaven and hell are being thrown back into the world either with God or without. Our souls never cease to be, and if they did, we can’t really imagine what that’s like, because we still feel, and see, and think, and breathe, and wonder, and imagine, and dream.

  2. There is no such thing as a spirit or soul.
    Our consciousness is rooted in the physical activity of the brain. It is the physical body being (partially) aware of itself.
    When the body dies, the consciousness is lost forever.

  3. Personally, I believe that our sould will go to heaven, but that’s a personal belief…there’s several theories about what could happen though
    Soul Theory:
    Soul lives on
    Body Theory:
    Body dies, Personal Identity(PI) dies
    Memory Theory:
    PI is cause by REAL memories of being a person
    Read the dialogue “a Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immorality” by John Perry. It directly discusses your questions and is actually pretty interesting =)…And cheap, as well.

  4. The closest I’ve come to enlightenment is perceiving this reality as a unified field of consciousness, all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, as Siddhartha Gautama or Bill Hicks might have said. Everything is interconnected, even if you think David Icke is loon you have to stop for a minute to consider his line ‘Infinite love is the only truth, every thing else is illusion’, if you have ever taken mushrooms you will appreciate this line. The closest thing we have to knowing about death are near death experiences, and these people will tell you that when they were clinically dead and brought back to life that that time was pure and indescribable bliss, that they were extremely aware of everything, that they had become like a raindrop in an ocean of consciousness. Myself, I’m patient enough to just wait and enjoy this beautiful world while I can.

  5. Singularity is wave function, soliton. If Mind is Wave function, it can decohere (manifest into the physical) without Energy or Matter action, according to quantum mechanics. (“The Mindful Universe,” Henry P. Stapp, Ph.D.) It may be that “salvation” is “being aware” on the other side of this Wave decoherence, somewhat like lucidity in dreaming.
    Some people who claim extraordinary knowledge:
    Helen Greaves, “Testimony of Light.”
    Yogananda, “Autobiography of a Yogi.”
    Mark Prophet, “The Masters and Their Retreats” and “The Path of the Higher Self.”
    Free and Wilcock, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”
    Dr. Olga Kharitidi, “The Master of Lucid Dreams.”
    Jim Tucker, M.D., “Life before Life.”
    David Chamberlain, Ph.D., “Babies Remember Birth.”
    C. S. Lewis, “The Great Divorce.”
    Ann Ree Colton, “Men in White Apparel” and “Watch Your Dreams.”
    O. M. Aivanhov, “Light Is a Living Spirit” and “Man, Master of His Destiny.”
    http://www.coasttocoastam.com radio
    Books reviewed at http://www.amazon.com

  6. We move on to the next “lecture”, the next classroom, the next “experience”. And then life starts all over again and we get ANOTHER chance to get it right!
    I AM

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