What race has better strength and health in the game world of warcraft, a shaman or a death knight?






I have a shaman dranei how ever u spell it, and i have recently made a night elf death knight, i am torn between the 2 on who i should proceed playing with, please give me some adive on who is better and who i should use and please explain. thank you!! 🙂


  1. Both of them suck! (because they’re alliance)
    no,no! kidding 😀
    it depends on what class you enjoy playing, my first character was a tauren shaman (he sucked) i stopped playing on (at level 40, low on cash :}) him cuz i thought he was boring. i made a Belf warlock and leveled him to level 80 using the same amount of time i used to level my shaman to level 40. = you shouldn’t care about what level they are.
    i don’t have any level 80 DKs or Shamans so i`m not sure about who got the highest dps and things like that. so my advice is to play the class i enjoy most playing try level it to 80 and if you don’t like him/her level the other class. (it’s draneii not dranei)

  2. Well to be honest it doesnt really matter what stats does your race give you…it will only add a little bit in the end.If you are not 80 you dont need to worry about that.Also you need to worry about health and strength only if it is a must for the spec you are…for example if you are going tank with your dk you need health.At any rate when you hit 80 you will start gearing up from hcs and raids…better gear=better stats…my pal was a warrior with 20k health at the start and after a while doing hcs and raids end up with 36-37k health.
    Choose the char you love to play cause its your money and your free time.

  3. None of these people have answered the question correctly and they will never understand the stats in the game. First off its very hard to compare starting stats of a DK to others as the GEAR you receive alter the overall stats you start with. Now the reason why its hard is because a DK starts @ level 55 while others start at LEVEL 1. Races determine the base stats and not CLASSES.
    I provided a link to the base stats as to which all races start with: http://www.wowwiki.com/Race

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