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What qualities do you look for in a good yoga teacher?

I am currently enrolled in a training and certification program, and thought I’d ask some opinions. What do you like/dislike about teachers? In a general, eclectic session, do you place importance more on meditation/breathing or fitness? What are some bad habits you have seen before, and what did the best yoga teacher you ever had do that was so special?

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I think DWB gave a great answer! If I may add to that I’d like to say that when I did my yoga teacher training a few years ago, I had unlimited free yoga classes included in my tuition…….so I went to as many different classes with as many different teachers as possible. While most of the experiences were wonderful, there were a few negative ones which stood out. I had complimented one of the best teachers I experienced a class with. Their response was, “I am only passing on things I have learned from all my different teachers and… Read more »

Dances with Buddha
Dances with Buddha

Well, of course knowledge and experience. Once you’ve experienced a knowledgeable teacher, it’s usually apparent when others try to ‘wing it’. I like that my teacher has her own teacher, even after many years of herself being a teacher. I like her attitude that she will always be a student herself, with more to learn. I’ve chosen her as my main teacher specifically because she does teach asana, some pranayama, & occasionally meditation (I know she keeps a regular meditation practice in addition to her asana practice), but I know many others seek a teacher of only the physical practice,… Read more »