What qoute best represents Lao Tzu?





Please answer


  1. I always thought this quote went right to the heard of Laotsu’s beliefs (it’s actually 18 and 19 combined):
    First the great Tao is forgotten,
    and faith and goodness fill men’s hearts.
    Then faith and goodness are lost,
    and men become moral, clever, wise.
    Then wise words fail to find their mark,
    and zealots band together to fight.
    And then the whole country falls into chaos,
    while people cry for honorable leaders.
    Forget goodness, forget piety,
    and people will be a hundred times happier.
    Discard morals and rules,
    and people will do the right thing.
    Avoid clever plans and suspicious schemes,
    and no one will plot against you.
    If these three aren’t enough,
    just stay at the center of the circle
    and let all things take their course.

  2. Tao te Ching: Chapter 67….
    All the world says,
    “I am important;
    I am separate from all the world.
    I am important because I am separate,
    Were I the same, I could never be important.
    “Yet here are three treasures
    That I cherish and commend to you:
    The first is compassion,
    By which one finds courage.
    The second is restraint,
    By which one finds strength.
    And the third is unimportance,
    By which one finds influence.
    Those who are fearless, but without compassion,
    Powerful, but without restraint,
    Or influential, yet important,
    Cannot endure.
    Whether or not these are actually Lao Tzu’s words, or whether or not Lao Tzu even existed… is unimportant. What these words convey is….
    (ignore the mindless minions above… they’ll never “get it”)

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