What puts you in a Zen-like state of mind?

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for me it is the following set-up.
A hot cup of tea, feet up in a recliner, a good book or video game, and a dog sleeping soundly in my lap or by my side.
That is one way of looking at it.
I just appreciate and love both the good and evil, ugly and beautiful, hard times and good times. They are all the aspects that make life the fun-filled, learning, roller coaster of a ride it is. Although, I am perfectly content to see the world through my backyard, I also value the trips and experiences an alien and unfamiliar landscape can bring.

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a pussy cat


no school 😛 goingto church…. sleeping for 20 hrs. cuddling with my doggy


Meditation… Kata…. (and self-satisfaction… shhhh, don’t tell)


The alarm in the morning going off.


“Seeing the world” with my own eyes, that’s what puts in me in “Zen-like” state of mind. I’m a Buddhist and I believe that in order to achieve “Zazen”, one must experience and “see both worlds”, the good, the evil, the beauty and the ugly” but at the same time trascend over all of it.


Going out in the wilderness and getting away from everything but nature’s core.

Calmness Oddness

A cola float




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