Home Discussion Forum What purpose does the (magic) wand serve to the occult practitioner?

What purpose does the (magic) wand serve to the occult practitioner?

I have been studying the occult for a few years now, and recently decided to add a magic wand to my magical tools. But the question I”m asking is exactly what purpose does the wand serve to the witch/magician? Any other uses more than a channel of energy?


  1. To be honest, everyone I’ve asked about this has said that it’s meerly a tool to focus your will.
    You don’t need four candles, salt, crystals etc. to form a circle of protection, but people like to have them.
    All in the symbolism!

  2. It is mainly used to direct power. It’s a lot like an athame, just a little more natural (since it’s from nature) . I have a wand, but I rarely use it.
    Otherwise, you could use the wand to represent fire or the male aspect.

  3. A wand is used to concentrate, focus, direct, and discharge the forces to better achieve the desired effect. A wand also provides some degree of protection from rebound.
    A wand is not necessarily needed, nor generally used by the master magus. The master often concentrates the forces in the belly and expels from mouth, fingertips. or solar plexus.
    QBL stands alone. It concerns creation. Wands do not apply here.


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