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What purpose does amethyst and garnet serve in witchcraft?

What are they used for? And could you explain how to use them?
Much thanks, and no negative answers please.


  1. Amethyst: Various shades of the color purple (especially deep purple) serve as a symbol for royalty. Amethyst has been known to adorn the crowns, rings, collars, bracelets, necklaces, hairpieces, earrings, staffs, thrones and other items belonging to powerful monarchs. Its calming qualities have enabled it to be related to the soothing effects it has over those who suffer from addictions. As a stone of great healing and meditative powers, amethyst is a purifier and dictator of energies of the mind body and spirit. The importance of spiritual awareness is a characteristic known to be brought out and enhanced by amethyst. The acknowledgement of this type of realization is crucial to spiritual healing and meditation. Amethyst also acts as a protector in its reversion of negative energy. It has been said to protect against manipulative situations by helping to provide a more in depth perspective and opening the spirit’s eye to higher connectivity with that outside of concrete reason. Not only is amethyst a crucial resource for meditation, it is also a calming and enabling agent in sleep and rest in times of physical and spiritual exhaust. As a healing crystal and in elixir and healing jewelry form, it acts as a balancing and aligning agent for disrupted spiritual energies.
    Garnet: It was believed that the wearer of garnets was kept in good health and protected while traveling. Garnets are used to signify truth and faith.

  2. Amethyst is a divine connector (crown chakra for metaphysical reference). Historically, it was used to prevent overindulgence in alcohol. You can use a patch of amethyst crystals to “cleanse” and charge other crystals. You can also take an amethyst, transfer your own negative feelings or fears into it and throw it into running water to remove the negativity from yourself.
    Garnet can be used for protection or love (blood connection, first chakra). They ground you and cleanse you.
    Both of these stones may be worn in jewelry, carried in a pocket, or placed around your home or person for a more subtle effect. Since they are used to cleanse or charge, they themselves will need to be periodically cleansed. I find this is most easily accomplished by smudging with sage smoke or washing in cool water. Amethyst should not be left in a sunny area as it will gradually fade in color.
    I hope this brief explanation can give you a start in how these stones may be used.

  3. Amethyst – the most valuable form of quartz crystal, used in healing and cleansing rituals/spells. Also used to reduce anger, impatience and to ease insomnia and headaches. Can also be used to cleanse other crystals before use in healing or divination. Amythest is called the psychic crystal and is used for enhansing intution and ESP. Can be worn or used in spells as a protective stone and to ward of negative energy. Use to balance out the Third Eye Chakra
    Garnet – Good for balancing sexual energies and for sexual problems. Both overactive and repressed sexuality can be assisted by wearing or placing a garnet gemstone beside the bed. Also used to encourage assertiveness and to regularlise blood pressure. Use to balance out the Base Chakra
    Crystals have the ability to retain and focus electormagnetic energy and are ideal tools for repelling or attracting certain energies, or for balancing or stimulating the body’s electromagnetic energy flow (also called the life force or Chi). This is often done by laying certain crystals on the bodies chakra points and meridians to enhance the energy flow.
    Crystals can be used in meditiation, divination, alternative healing or as tools in ritual, magick, or spells. This is achieved through the vibrational energy contained and emitted from each particular type of crystal. Crystals can be programmed for certain functions using techniques such as exposure to sunlight, moolight or through meditiation or ritualised magick.
    Crystal healing has been performed by almost every society, deeply rooted in holistic beliefs. Healers use crystals as energy conductors and as an aid to focusing the healers own energies to stimulate healing, both phyisical and non-physical (mental, emotional and spiritual).
    Crystals can be fashioned into wands or other magickal tools (an odd number of facets aids in healing and even number in energisers).
    Most Crystal practitioners believe that the stones choose the person they will work with not the other way around, so you need to be very selective with the stones you use on yourself and on others. Many practitioners believe that you should not allow another person to touch your personal crystals as it will tarnish the particular energy held within it. Each crystal is “programmed” with your energy once you have begun working with it. Every crystal should be cleansed before use, either by soaking in sea/rock salt and water, wrapping in silk and burying in the earth for at least 24 hours or by passing through the four elements


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