Home Discussion Forum what preparation should i do for meditation camp?

what preparation should i do for meditation camp?

i am planning for a osho meditation camp ,at delhi ,i had never been there ,what preparation shall i do
i want to enjoy every bit of it if any one can share and give there kind advice


  1. Pack bug spray, sunscreen and rain gear. At any kind of camp you will have a better experience if you are prepared for the conditions. Otherwise get lots of sleep and eat a good clean diet, lots of veggies and no sugar. Having a purified body will help set the stage for disciplining the mind.

  2. research the history of osho from independent sources. It will make you reconsider your decision to go.
    There is also no need to pay to attend camps/ retreats/ seminars you can learn meditation for free anywhere in the world. find links here http://www.freemeditation.com/


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