Home Discussion Forum What powers/limitations would a cambion (offspring of incubus/succubus) have?

What powers/limitations would a cambion (offspring of incubus/succubus) have?

I haven’t been able to find much on cambions. Do you know anything about their strengths/weaknesses.


  1. part corporeal, they mesmerize their victim by appearing as idealized member of the opposite sex, they are immune to crosses and holy water, they can only be thwarted if the victim turns his or her back to them, the scent of sandalwood attracts them.

  2. incubus or succubus are known to have the power to put all the occupants within a household into a deep hypnotic sleep while seducing/fulfilling their unholy lust upon their lover/victim. They are known to be nasty lovers with the ability to be produce artificial life. Incubus and succubuses were believed to have once been angels with an evil need for seduction. Their overcoming need and lust for the opposite sex derived them into fallen angels and or demonic beings.
    They can’t necessarily materialize themselves in their original bodies to commit their sexual acts on this earth. being their weakness. However they have overcome that weakness by either reviving a corpse to suit their need, or used human skin to stitch together to create artificial life.
    Part of their power may lie within the psychological premises of the victim they rape. By appearing omniscent and provoking uncanny fear, I believe they exert themselves to be more powerful than their victim. And if the victim is to believe that true, they limit themselves and give way their seduction. Fear is a great tamer. If anything came upon me in the dark of night with unnatural characteristics, I’d be afraid as well.
    Another weakness too, is the victim themselves. We are not powerless. Victims can turn their image and situation around with proper protection and inner strength. We can be our own defenders.


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