Home Discussion Forum what power comes when we activate our third eye ajana chakra ?

what power comes when we activate our third eye ajana chakra ?

only experienced people answer this question…


  1. one of the biggest benefits is the activation of all of the chakras and the subsequent energy workings involved. astral projection is then possible, the further uncoiling of the kundalini, and mental “suggestion”. the more power you have over your own chakras and your energy, the less others do.

  2. Only the experienced? Well I have not experienced, but I have talked to people who have.
    And they claim that your ability to perceive, and understand is strengthened. Or something along those lines.
    But being able to perceive, and being able to understand what is perceived is a good talent. Because if you put them together you get knowledge.

  3. Absolutely NOTHING!!! That is meaningless babbling to satan
    If you do not serve Jesus Christ, you are serving satan!
    If you do not choose Jesus, you automatically decide to choose satan (by default)

  4. Hello Lost
    No power comes. You get an increased awareness of who you are, what is going on about you & of course you can become more psychically aware as your intuition or clairvoyant nature opens up.
    See profile 🙂

  5. Clairvoyance, insight, Photographic memory, Telekinesis complete control of the mind ect ect.
    Look up “siddhi powers” in a search engine.


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