Home Discussion Forum What possesses 50 liberals to cram into a "sweat lodge" in AZ?

What possesses 50 liberals to cram into a "sweat lodge" in AZ?

This story has liberal moon bat written all over it.


  1. There is no mention of political affiliation in the article.
    You know what they say about people who ‘ass’ume.

  2. so you’re just assuming they are Liberals? smart. real smart, pal.
    therefore there is no arugment here.
    what would ever happen to you if you were to discover they were all bible-thumping conservative whores? would you freak out?!

  3. they are playing Indian, they have no knowledge of my people’s ways nor ceremonies which is why they had such a bad result

  4. Yup, you know those crazy Texans, all just stupid liberals, right? You did see that she was from Texas, right?
    And conservatives never do anything crazy, you know those liberal KKK groups or the Alaskan Independence Party, just full of libs, right? Or wait, would you prefer the argument be that they’re not moon bats in those parties? I’ll give you whichever side you’d like to argue.

  5. I have to agree…. Have you checked out this nut’s bio? lol
    Here’s his “Green Team” page and from there you can check out everything else.
    No way is this a conservative. Moon bat would be quite fitting.

  6. What possessed them?
    The same insanity that possessed millions of them to vote for an inexperienced unqualified communist boob named Barack Obama.

  7. I have to agree with Paul Grass on this one. People who don’t know what they are messing with should stay away from hardcore spiritual experiences.
    Their political beliefs are not important.


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