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What phenomenas can you describe to reject Descartes meditation?

what phenomena can you name that can reject Descartes idea that:”Descartes thinks that we have perfect access to the contents of our own minds. For example, if I think that I believe P, then I do believe P, and if I believe P, then I am aware that I do. Many current philosophers and psychologists disagree.”
xplain and say which one is more damaging?? can you argue it??


  1. The only reason I am alive today is because of meditation and what you descibe. I tried the modern science way but only ended up with 7 surgeries and more health problems. Meditation is my reset button, it is my key to awareness in making the right choices. Ayurveda has a saying that says what you put your attention on willl grow in your life, and what you take your attention away from will diminish.

  2. Behaviorism would challenge the direct access theory of belief. It is not easy, in fact, to defend. I have to make all sorts of qualifications before I can sketch it. And it’s bothersome, so I won’t.
    Essentially, the behaviorist observes behavior in a crude input/output schema. Input certain environmental components A, B, & C, and derive behavioral output D. It is to treat animals with consciousness like machines.
    Behavioral theory or otherwise, The subject may report “I believe the light is green” although they act as if it were red, under certain conditions. There are many instances of choice-blindness, wherein it is easier to read off beliefs– which, by most definitions, inform actions– from the behavior expressed rather than relying on testimony. The regulariy of these confabulations indicate the belief is hidden, and that when prompted, a person will generate a story irregardless of continuity of belief. The division between the narrativve given and the reasons for it are strained.
    Headache prevents thoroughness here, good luck.

  3. Something says to me that it is this—“I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”. You are asking questions that other people have asked. You dance away, looking for problems while ignoring a simple statement.

  4. Just because I’m trying to help you learn to express youself clearly, I’ll make the following observation:
    Phenomenon is the singular form. Phenomena is the plural. No “phenomenas” at all.


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