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What percentage of your mind do you think has been brainwashed by the media and culture?

I find it interesting that most people claim to be freethinking individuals, when in reality, 80% of those have been heavily brainwashed on a subconscious level. Essentially, most people are allowing their culture to think for them.
So I’m curious, what percent of your mind do you feel has been warped and lied to?


  1. NONE whatsoever…because i listen to fox daily, and they give ONLY the full and complete truth.
    seriously though there is no way to know. with what would you measure or gage this brainwashing with? your own potentially brainwashed mind? how could you trust yourself to have an truthful answer about yourself if yourself is lying to you!

  2. Very little. Though they’ve tried to do it and if I would’ve given it I would’ve been brainwashed 99%, probably. I think it’s all about realizing what goes on around you and in the world and trying to think for yourself.
    I think this is an interesting topic, maybe you could give us some sample questions to which we could answer and through that discover how much we really have or have not been brainwashed.

  3. Mucho has been warped and lied to, but I do believe I do a good job of asking questions and listening to ALL the variations of the answers.
    I do not listen to the sound bites when it comes to politics, raising a family, etc. I really look at all the options.

  4. I would say it used to be really high. And then I took a class on the Media and stuff like that <- I got rid of my TV and don't watch cable or the news. I think I am way more educated and free thinking now that if I want to know about something I have to actually research and not rely on CNN or FOX to tell me their biased point of view! I also eat healthier because I am not being forced to watch commercials of really good tasting junk food!

  5. Only 67.3% of my mind has been warped by the media and culture, but I consider myself to be fairly counter-culture in my opinions and ideas. The majority of the population registers closer to 92%, though they could never have the capacity to acknowledge or understand that fact.

  6. for me its not 50% ,sometimes they lied while they give the weather all i know one day si good one day is bad what can you do there some crazy people out there.

  7. Fox news is biased. The big cooperations own them so they basically decide what fox news will or will not air. If it’s a scandal in the big cooperation that owns fox, you can except not to see it on the news cuz they pay them out. I use BBC. But still I would say about 80% for me. I’m steadily trying to lower that percentage as the years go on. I believe every person, in some way shape or form is influenced by the media and culture. Some people just might be more influenced than others but I believe it’s a lie for someone to say that their not influenced by it at all. The only way I would believe that if they lived in the middle of no where, on a farm, with no current technology, no name brand anything, and made everything they own. Only then would I believe it.

  8. Unfortunately, most of it.
    The good news is that being aware of this is the first step to do something about it.
    And this starts with questioning everything.

  9. Perhaps a small percent, but not anymore. Even in high school I knew the media was a bunch of biased lies. You are not told what you need to know.

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