What percentage of the population do you think sees auras?

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Do you?

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Does it matter to you?


please tell me what an aura is because i seriosly dont know but would like to



Ms. Solemn

good question, its hard to say. its all about clairvoyance, a lot of people are clairvoyant and don’t even know it.


I think most people do but wouldnt admit it. Maybe it comes with being a parent or an exhippie. 99%


My guess, just judging from the sum total of people I have met in life, is that it would probably be around .1% (1/10 of 1 percent). Perhaps less.
Of course, if we include “feeling” auras, I think the number would be much higher. I do not personally see auras, but have met a couple people that can.


i see auras..

eat your heart out george orwell

Seeing auras is something that my father and I both experience, and I believe it is because we are open to it. People who close thier minds (most adults…) and don’t want to see the things that are right in front of them will never accept them. I believe that many children see them, because they can. And I think that if people opened thier minds, it would be alot more common.


But about .1% believe they do — they should see a head doctor, and most already did.
Did you?


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