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What percentage of the brain do you think is required for human consciousness?

In this article [http://www.shoutwire.com/viewstory/19048/Rat_Brain_Flies_F_22_Jet_Simulator], the basic idea I get is that the rat brain is ‘functional’ enough to fly the plane. The question is, how much brain is needed for it to be conscoius of the ‘self’? Of course, comments are great, but don’t forget the percentages, as that is the point of the question.
The link was truncated. It is
landen99, I think your response is great. Best so far (first) Hope the rest of th responses are as good. Back to my question, I am not so sure I actually beleive the actual story, as there seems to be no website devoted to the situation. As far as consciousness goes, I saw another article about an elephant who recognised herself in the mirror. That is my artificial baseline for consciousness.


  1. I know you want percentages, but first you have to define consciousness in detail and you have to set the standard (i.e. with respect to what?). These days, the plane practically flies itself, so I don’t get how the rat fits into the picture. The only thing that motivates a rat is food. What about take-offs and especially landings? So now we are asking what your sources mean by “rats flying panes,” i.e. what exactly are they doing? Computers can fly planes without human intervention, but they aren’t conscious.
    First ask, what is consciousness. Then define your standard for the percentages, i.e. with respect to what?. Ask what brain levels define maximum brain activity (as the standard for the percentages); I don’t think that anyone has ever observed the entire brain used to full capacity. Anyhow, areas of the brain have ranges of brain activity levels from very low (unconscious) to very high (highly aware). The transition from sleep to awake is very “grey” and awareness may occur well before the subject regains the capability of indicating that awareness. Finally, ask about the average brain activity levels when doing certain very specific and repeatable tasks which meet the definition of consciouness.


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