What percentage of people are capable of concious telepathy?

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What would you guess the rough percentage of peple who can at will read the mind of another is?
Justin it’s down to what you’ve experenced with things like this. One can not rely on scientific evidence of it due to the fact that “mainstream” science has not yet evolved to the point of being able to analyse the stuff that thoughts (or conciousness) are made of.
They can see reactions in the brain, but that is a totaly different thing.

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Justin Bass

Zero percent. There is no scientific explanation for telepathy, and most of the major religions don’t allow for normal individuals to have telepathy.
I’ve also never seen or heard of anyone performing telepathy in a controlled setting, so it likely isn’t possible.


Research [yes there is research that is valid out there] suggests that at least 27 % of the world’s population utilizes it on a regular basis. But, now you ask for conscious telepathy… That is a horse of a different color for several reasons.
The foremost is that: 1/ no one as yet [nor probably ever will] is able to run a diagnostic test while someone is being a telepathic. Research is being conducted and has been for decades ==> J.B.Rhine, william Braud & Robert Wood, Helmut Schmidt, Chuck Honorton, Targ, Tart, & Dr. H. Puthoff Also, the US government & various commercial businesses. 2/There has been some success in the studies, yet we still don’t have a handle on the actual method being used when a telepath is functioning on a conscious level. that makes it near impossible to create a machine that would register what was going on.
The only close test is having the telepaths learn remote viewing and perhaps use that criteria and protocol as a study guide to decide if the event is happening.


0.0%. Sorry, I know it would be cool, but it’s not real. There are plenty of people who claim to have this ability, but none of them have ever been able to prove it when tested by someone who knew what they were doing (as in, didn’t allow them to cheat). The ones who won’t be tested won’t be tested because they know they’re lying.
‘Mainstream’ science is perfectly capable of telling when something is moving and when it isn’t. And that’s really all this comes down to – there’s no debate here, either you moved something or you didn’t. They didn’t. There would be a Nobel Prize in it for them if any of the people someone mentioned above could actually prove the claims they’re making.

Read to Learn

That’s an easy one: 0%
Nobody has telepathy. Some people are pretty good at reading expressions and so on, but that’s as far as it goes.
I’m sure you’ll see lots of responses on here that say that ‘I can’, ‘he can’, or ‘my mommy can’. Maybe someone will say ‘I read about this guy who can but it’s not his fault that he couldn’t back it up when he was asked to prove it.’
But that’s the whole point. It’s not enough to just make a wild claim about something. You have to be able to demonstrate it. That is, if you want people to believe that you can dunk a basketball, you’d better be able to do it.
P.S. Saying that ‘mainstream science has not yet evolved to the point’ is a cop out. You have to be able to back it up. Anything else is akin to telling your teacher that you really do know how to spell the words on the spelling test, but that she isn’t advanced enough to understand that your answers really are correct even if they can’t be found in the dictionary.


“Capable” probably includes most people, but long training would factor in as well.
Grinbery-Zylberbaum 1993, Sabel, 2001, Wackermann, 2003, and Standish 2004 are examples of induced telepathy among paired subjects, in well-designed experiments.
General protocol: two people are asked to meditate together; then each is placed in a Faraday cage, each in a separate room. One is shown a unique pattern of stimuli, which elicits a unique brain wave sequence. The brain waves of the second person are found highly and statistically correlated with the first person. Non-meditating pairs do not show similar effects.
This points to a non-local, non-emf (Faraday cage factor) entrainment due to similar meditational focus. Tibetan monks have used this general protocol for centuries to convey messages (before they had IM) across distances.
“A Secret History of Consciousness,” Gary Lachman,
“Entering the Circle” and “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi,
“The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet, and
“Kundalini West,” Ann Ree Colton, discuss this kind of empathic awareness.
Obviously, empathy is on a continuum, which permits social reading of feelings, thoughts, etc. Muscles in the face are especially decoded, and experts have “read minds” using such skills. As recorded in the Gospels, Christ Jesus operated on a purer and higher level, reading human minds while remaining in Mind. Paramanhansa Yogananda describes telepathy and mind-reading in “Autobiography of a Yogi.”
In dreams, our thoughts and emotions are “read” continuously by Angels and helper beings, who are permitted gently to introduce further awareness. A similar process occurs post-passing: “Testimony of Light,” Helen Greaves.

Nice Guy

Put me down with a big old zero. I think you should reconsider your views on scientific evidence.


Zero percent.
You don’t even need mainstream science to demonstrate that it is not possible, just looking around and seeing that no one is doing it is enough to show that it isn’t a real ability.


Well, it REALLY is zero percent.
>”mainstream” science has not yet evolved….
Well, science is based on logic and rationality. Do you expect it to evolve into something else involving illogicality and irrationality?


there is science behind it most likely, we just don’t know the science behind it yet


Yeah, just ignore these skeptic trolls who say “none of it has been proven”. Yeah, by current scientific standards! (Yet they don’t seem to account for Sheldrake and Radin in my book).
I think it’s a low percentage actually. The telepathic experiences I’ve been able to confirm for myself were not at will. In fact, they happened when I wasn’t trying (and they were astounding). I had a boyfriend who was in Australia and we did some experiments that actually panned out. But I’ve never been able to just walk up to some one and read their thoughts. If someone “sends” really strongly to me I can often pick up on what they are sending (such as objects like toasters or animals, my brother and I have been very good at that). The “sender” has to be skilled also though. But I laugh when people say this is impossible. No, it’s just not “controlled” the way they think it should be. But when my brother sends me a random image of a Tiger, and I pick Tiger out of the thousands of other animal choices, it’s too much to make me think it was “coincidence”, especially when we can do it 5 times that day.
Maybe if people practiced this skill more often there would be a higher percentage. I think everyone has it in them.


I agree with Henny. One thing I hate about it is that when someone sends me strong thoughts… I usually think they’re my own thoughts and speak them out loud. It got me into a lot of trouble. I think they did it on purpose.
One reason there’s no way to know the percentage is because a lot of people who are psychic won’t tell anyone for fear of ridicule etc. No one wants their thoughts read in everyday life and will “get rid” of the person who is doing it.

gregg k

All the way to the top, including Presidents, CEOs, managers, think they experience conscious telepathy every day. Some are so educated that the businesses they run are according to what they know and every division of the business is a part of their mind and it becomes their mind. Take Wal-Mart for instance. Then the question of whether the computer is the mind they are reading and responding to.

garth russell

around 5% have the ability consciously
something like 2.5% are proficient and sure of their abilities.
most that have the ability wont admit to it, either they dont want ridicule, or to be seen as a threat, or, from the other side of the fence, they enjoy the huge advantage it gives them over others, and prefer to keep the element of nodetection and surprise.
the military have plenty of highly trained telepaths.
most indigenous people have the ability (its in their DNA)
pretty much all ‘blue bloods’ are telepathic (also in their DNA)
a large proportion of jewish people are also telepathic.
its quite common in China and the east.
less common in the west in everyday places.
telepathy,like all psychic abilities can be used for benevolent purposes, or malevolent depending on the user and his/her intent.


People capable of telepathy 100% There are some people that are naturally telepathic but are extremely weak telepathically. Animals capabale of being telepathic some of it does occur. Where are all the extremely telepathic people exist, various places in North America. Why it takes a superhuman with all sorts of Ensteinian type of abilities for the situation to exist period. Generating brains in the sonor ranges. Where this situation be found only in Northern lower Michigan. This probably has never existed the world till about five years ago. Where is it now in Missaukee and Wexford counties. Who will verify it. The athouritys if ask nicely and not to often. They are not an answering service for telepathic human being. Here is the truth which seldom show up in the media.
telepathic absolutly. How much good science in the of advancements of telepaty n


Steve Slater from PA, then NY? If so, you owe me the full truth.

Chris Pearson

Mind Reading Technologies and Tongues Governments from around the world have mind readers. They use the same technology God would use to talk to you. They can read your mind. A technology is called Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). Many use satellites shot to space by Space X founder Elon Musk, The Russian Federation and The Federal Government (NASA). Much like a cell phone in your brain. It’s a high bandwidth signal that listens to your brains wavelength and reads your conscience. Many define it as telekinesis, telepathy or tongues. They steal ideas, money, murder, blackmail and use them as a tool for war. They have had this technology for years. With no patent due to them not wanting the world to know. You sometimes get a headache when the mind reading machine is on you.
Jesus Christ had his 2nd coming. He landed in Russia from spaceship as somewhat for told in the book of revelation. He came from Alpha Centauri A. He had lived on a planet called Kent. Jesus was lied to and told he would have at least seven days to come to his church and honor flesh and blood. The U.S Government and Russian Federation gave him their word. They wanted to steal his ship. He started walking the Earth. They caught him and stopped him almost immediately. Not allowing him to come to his church. The Pope aware. He had run from them trying to find help. He wanted to save the world. President Trump helped President Putin apprehended and detain him. Vladimir Putin has our Jesus born on Earth trapped in his spaceship. Vladimir Putin said he conquered the ship. He’s been trying to learn from Jesus how to be a God on Earth. 10,000 souls from Jesus’s heaven, 200,000 of Gods angels, Muhammad and billions of souls from Earth may be with him.
A Ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing an alien being’s spirit reborn as a Human being clone. The Devil’s alien beings walk the Earth. To be brought back from flesh and bone means to be reborn as a clone. They use our image from the casket and conquer worlds this way. Mathew 7:15 Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. There are alien beings walking the Earth as reborn human being clones. Your spirit is in your brain and leaves your body when you die. The conscience controls the brain and the brain controls the body. A spirit can be put in a chip and be reborn as a human clone. Artificial intelligence can also walk as flesh and blood clone using a similar preprogrammed chip as a robot.
God and Jesus Christ told me to inform the you. Talking to me directly with the use of tongues. Please visit my website for more information. Many need to be saved and we need to save ourselves.


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