• Generally they see a bright light at the end of a long tunnel, they move down that tunnel see other people (spirit beings) some of these people they know and others they don’t. Then they are told by one of the beings they must go back to their bodies it is not their time, they have more to accomplish in this life. As soon as they enter the light they feel totally loved and cared for, they also know who they are and all questions they may have are answered. The link below is to a collection of over 300 near death experiences that you can read for more information.

  • You cannot trust any “near death experiences”, because people hallucinate and dream in such extreme circumstances. Rather, you need to truat only what the BIBLE says about death. The Bible is the absolute Word of God! The Bible is 100% true!

    The truth about death is that death brings immediate heaven or hell, depending only on whether you believed in JESUS for His free gift of salvation, or not. There is no second chance to be saved, after death.

    Heaven is eternal joy with the Lord! 😀

    The lake of fire is eternal separation from God, eternal torment, and eternal corruption. Nobody has to be sent to the lake of fire

    Because the TRUTH is that the death and blood of JESUS is the only acceptable SACRIFICE and PAYMENT for our sins, and we are all sinners. Nothing else pays for any of our sins. All the good deeds in the world won’t pay for even ONE of our sins. All the “living a moral life” won’t pay for even one of our sins. No “religions of the world” can pay for anyone’s sins.

    So to be in heaven and not in hell, believe in Jesus for salvation RIGHT NOW!

    Jesus is God, and Jesus loves you so very much! 😀 And the Trinity is true!

    The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to hell, is by believing in JESUS for His free gift of eternal life in heaven, believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died on the cross for all our sins as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe in Jesus for His free gift of salvation, and you will be in heaven, no matter what! John 3:16, John 6:47! 😀

    Salvation is a FREE GIFT that happens in a split second when you believe in JESUS for His free gift of salvation! It is impossible to lose or “leave” salvation (John 6:39-40, John 10:28, 1 John 5:13).

    Please pray now: “Jesus, I believe that You died on the cross to pay for my sins and that You rose from the dead, and I thank You for eternal life!” You will be in heaven with Him forever when you die! 😀

  • I tried to kill myself several years ago by poisoning myself. A bottle of aspirin, handful of iron pills, bleach, and alcohol. If that counts as a near death experience, all I saw was white.

    Maybe I passed out, I don’t know. I just remember collapsing to the floor and being there for a long time and eventually all I saw was white. It wasn’t until I threw up later that it was back to normal.

  • i don’t know personally, but i hear people have seen people who have passed on already when they are close to death themselves. good luck.

  • 1. Near death experiences are the result of a brain shutting down due to lack of oxygen.

    2. We know how to induce one artificially using ketamine.

    3. People mostly see what they expect to see – hence people of different religions have different experiences.

    4. A few people, though, have made quite a bit of money from NDE claims.

    5. An in-depth article: http://skepdic.com/nde.html

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    they dont normally see anything, they have their eyes closed.

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