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What people see in a near death experience, can it be enough to make you believe in a supreme world?

Is near death experience real or is it just an illusion?


  1. no. they all have separate stories, and cannot be scientifically proven. kinda like being abducted by aliens in my book.

  2. My mom said she was in a near death experience, she had a premonitions dream where she was just starting out in nursing (17 or 18) and she was in a room where they sterilize the needles and other medical supplies, and then she got caught when the machine and it was pinning her and she started to scream for help…she was basically getting electrify, and then the machine lost people and she fell on the floor.
    Then she was looking down at her body ( she said she was thinking how cute she was in her outfit. ~_~) but then she saw all the doctors and nurses coming around her, crying and checking her pulse but she was dead, then she saw a light and someone at the end of the light saying it’s not her time yet. Then she woke up.
    Only the next day she had to go into that same room with the machine, only to get pinned by the machine like her dream, she started to scream for help, then she remembered no one came so she tried to get movement of her foot to unplug the machine she did that and the machine turned off and she fell on the floor in shock, then the doctors and nurses ran into the room and asked her if she was alright, when she came too, she told them what happen and in her dream and how she died, but this time she lived.
    It’s strange, but there is something out there beyond our humanly comprehension, is it God? perhaps it is? it’s only to those who believe.
    I do believe b/c if my mom never had that dream of her dying, i wouldn’t be here today.

  3. I have had one a couple of years ago. Most of all I saw light and the “tunnel” reminded very much of the tunnel vision you get when you are too drunk.
    Reading up on it I found that people from different cultures and religions experience the near death moments differently. While the western people often feel peace, calm and experience going towards something better people of other cultures can have quote different experiences, some even have nightmarish experiences. So culture and religion matters a lot when it comes to how you experience it.
    The experience it self is caused by lack of oxygen and the brain shutting the body down piece by piece, the non important parts at first such as legs and arms and at the end of the tunnel the brain it self shuts down.

  4. We definitely experience a very limited slice of our reality, our eyes alone can only sense a small amount of the spectrum…bees can see more.
    Our interactions with the variety of energys and forms of matter in the universe is equally novice.
    Thirdly our “intellect” is advanced compared to other creatures on the planet, but in the manner which we consider ourselves we are highly undeveloped. We could be smarter, and sense more, and know more.
    …so..its kinda a sheltered un-aware existence we live, there could be more in our immediate reach we are simply not aware of.

  5. I don’t know if anybody can say for sure if the near death experience is real or a psychologically induced process.
    I do not personally believe in an afterlife, but the testimony of thousands is against me.

  6. During near death experiences, the brain gets cut off and oxygen stops moving to the brain. The mind will then be in a state of “illusion”.
    So during that state, anything can possibly happen in your mind, much like when you are dreaming.

  7. G
    Mine were at such a young age that i don’t remember them, but there have been instances in life where I was convinced I would die. Because of my innate anti-authoritarianism, I didn’t seek rescue by some angels, but I did recognize that life is too short to make all the good causes I want to and doing harm to others, or disrespecting their lives is a drag.

  8. I believe in them because I had a mystical experience after overdosing on a cocktail of painkillers, amphetamines, and alcohol. This was back in my party days. If what I experienced (the void, the light, and an ineffable pleasure and peace) is an illusion, it was the greatest illusion ever.

  9. Illusion… brain is hell of an amazing part of our body with miraculous functions and chemicals, as you know we’re humans and our body meant to do some similar reactions in similar situations, like while some one is in coma or encountering NDE but here is something in common with these people, yes their general condition is the same like their brain got damaged or their body severely wounded (they’re in extreme conditions) so their brain starts its magical voodoo at the same time, causing these people imagine or see something like NDE and also that famous tunnel with the light at the end… these all are related to your brain reactions to the problem not a spiritual, supernatural or religious experience.. i agree with Sky Roof, it’s an illusion.
    ALSO!!! some scientific researches shows :
    during DNA mapping, scientists found out that a Major part of our DNA (over 95%) has no specific function so they called it “Junk DNA” because of it seem to be Junk…. but at later times on the research they figured out that this big part of our DNA was active once, maybe in ancient times and this Junk DNA believed to be the same part of our DNA which allows us to make telepathic connections and also do some supernatural task like leaving body or something…. also NDE and coma are not known completely so maybe our Junk DNA reactives for some reasons during these conditions and let our sub-conscious to leave our body…
    live on,
    Cheers 🙂

  10. It appears that there is something very real about near-death experiences. Thousands of accounts are recorded and researched.
    Check out the definition by researcher Raymond A. Moody
    Near-death experiences 101: Who is Raymond A. Moody
    And here’s a conference in October on near-death experiences:


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