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what people can see auras?

recently over the past six months i have seen auras……at first it was very limited sight but now i can see them all the time…..i see them the most in class and the romm lights are bright and the walls are white, i can see everyone glowing……..its really hard to explain but i can even see my own and its blue around my body and yellow around my head….if anyoone knows anything about auras or anyone can see them like me i would love to hear there words…..and i was also wondering if i should tell people about this, because im not sure how they would react.


  1. go super saiyan and it’ll all be yellow! you’ll get cool spikey hair, you’ll get buff and youll be just an all around better fighter. awesome

  2. That’s bullshit. There are no such thing as “auras”. My guess is that you’re faking it to seem spiritually cool. Or you’re dilusional and need to see the nice men in the white coats.

  3. Good for you that you have mastered this art! I have been practicing, but with no success. I would watch who you tell about your gift. People are quick to judge and tell you that you are wrong.

  4. I see auras too but not as good as you, my friend. If you see something yellow on your head, most definitely you are a good person. Develop your clairvoyance. Do spiritual healings, communicate with holy spirits and your spiritual guides, and help Mother Earth become a better place.
    May you fully recieve the Divine Light, Divine Power and Divine Love and share it to all, Amen…

  5. Any person trained in deep meditation, mediums etc., can see auras, and see the rods which accompany them, in which case they can see illness before it actually happens.
    Pickles auras can now be photographed with special cameras.
    Bandy it about and you will have a lot more sceptics, as you can see by some of the subjects here.


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