What particular sign has very intense or powerful aura?

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I’m not only referring to the zodiac signs but also with sun, rising, moon, midheaven, and all of those when combined with the signs, will give a very powerful impression to the people.

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Innocent Demon


~I luv Bigwig*

Taurus and scorpio.
Leo also.


Scorpio — it’s the most powerful sign in the zodiact 🙂


No. Leo is the most powerful sign in the zodiac since it’s the only one ruled by the sun and as such is the best placement for a SUN sign. 😉


Aries, Leo, Scorpio


Scorpios and people with scorpio rising 😉

jump on it!

As far as just auras go, the fire signs are definitely in the lead. Scorpio and Taurus are also pretty intense and powerful, but I don’t think their auras are that big. But the fire signs always seem to be bigger than they are.

Craig's Angel

I agree w/Jump on it and Innocent Demon aka 1st Sign.
Yes, Scorpios have a powerful aura, but I don’t feel that way about Taurus even in a little bit. Scorpio is powerful b/c of Mars/Pluto which is understandable. Aries is Mars, which understandable. Leo is ruled by the sun, how can you out shine the sun?
But, Venus-ruled Taurus? I don’t think so. Maybe Capricorns…they always seem intense to me more than any other earth sign.
**Actually, waiting on the world gave a perfect answer.


i agree that scorpio risings give off a rather intense vibe – people tend to notice you when u walk into e room. Also aries & leo give off a much powerful impression while some capricorn suns give off a more intense, quiet energy.


Just because fire signs are loud doesnt mean their aura is intense and powerful…its just extroverted. Scorpios have the intense aura when they walk in a room without even saying a word. It can be seen in the eyes especially


And just because a water sign is quiet doesn’t mean its aura is powerful either! Scorpio is perhaps one if the most overrated signs! All they do is stare! How is that powerful?! Now Leos are rules by the almighty sun and have the regal and powerful Nemean Lion as their symbol. Can’t get much more powerful than that!

Jam (:

Scorpio & Leo when together ! (jaye ahah:)


Leo sun,
leo asc
scorpio moon
venus and mars in leo
aries mid heaven


Scorpio all the way 🙂


i have a Leo friend and i can actually feel her aura..
she walks, talks and she’s feminine her aura attracts men and women as well in anything she does. a typical leo i must say.
she never falls short of male attention.
im a leo as well


oh yeah …I am also a leo….with very powerful aura…..all other signs bow in front of me….

jacks mortel

FUNNY! This is how I see it…It’s how you carry yourself and how you can move others with intense stare and smile that radiates intensely -scorpio fatale

jacks mortel

FUNNY! -scorpio fatale – number 1 second to none


Leo SUN, Leo Midheaven and Scorpio Rising with a 22 Numerologically 😉 .. we rock !!


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