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What part of your ego is the hardest to let go of, mine is guilt and childish shame?

i can let go of power, sexulaity, worry, jealousy
but the guilt seems to be my hardest barrier, It says to me, ‘look at you, you don’t deserve to gain spiritual development’ has anyone found a waya to banish guilt quickly and to slowly diminish it over time, I didn’t do anything bad, so it’s mostly childish irrational guilt, introverted ego
well i’ve lied, mostly out of nervousness or shame, not to hurt anybody
i’ve been obnoxius to family memebers, useing profanity
sometimes i just feel like a failure
thats about it


  1. Guilt. I have done things I am not proud of both large and small. I feel the same way. I need to learn to let go as well.

  2. well i dunno. whats the guilt from? maybe you should ask for forgiveness…or say sorry or something like that.

  3. I am arrogant egotistical self centered self righteous pompas a&& and those are just a few of my finer quality’s , but just a few . and i wont change a thing .

  4. We all have our demons.
    The past is gone, what you do in the future is what is important.
    Love God first
    Love Your Neighbor (treat him kindly and with respect)
    The golden rule and all that
    what you do with the guilt is you put it in a compartment
    like a box of old toys in the back of a closet………..

  5. These are things that don’t need to be let go. They need to be accepted. Realize that what you did as a child happened and that it cannot be changed. Things happen and they don’t need to let go lust for power, sexual desire, worry, and jealousy are all apart of life. They become less of a problem when you realize that it is part of existence and not something that needs to be condemned from thought. Accept this and you’ll realize that there isn’t really anything to worry about. That there isn’t really anything to be jealous about. that ya shes hot but eh whatever, and so I could be at the top of the corporate latter but then i wouldn’t be able to play World of Warcraft as much.

  6. I have found that when you put light on the EGO basically saying like yes I see you there, everything is OK, things seem to get better. Just being ok with it sometimes eases it. You do deserve spiritual development. You deserve the best of everything. You are a perfect creation of the divine. There is nothing wrong with you. You are OK.

  7. For me it was pride.
    As with all egoic thinking, its a matter of being the observer at all times which keeps one from becoming their thoughts. The fact that you clearly see the guilt means you are well on the way. Each time guilt surfaces, simply look at it and it will go away. Almost before you realize it, the guilt will be purged from your consciousness. I hope this helps.

  8. Thats exactly the voice I hear.. my issue is trying to see where the voice comes from and if it is true or not.. If its not true then why do we hear it??… if it comes from others then where did they learn it.. where the true source comes from I dont know and I dont know how to deal with it.. Good luck I think a light will come


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