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What part of the term Easter do some self proclaimed believers not consider pagan?

In King Jame’s Version of the bible the pagan term Easter replaced the correct term passover at Acts 12:4
Why do self proclaimed believers accept a known inaccuracy which stems from the pagan ritual of fertility vs allowing the truth to set them free of this and other pagan rituals which God hates?
BTW, rabbits do not lay eggs.
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  1. Most Republicans errr… OH well why not Republicans believe Easter was first Celebrated by Jesus’s mom when he got a smiley face for one of his crayon drawings
    Because this was before the time of Color TV the drawing was black and white; But you can clearly see it is a picture of a bunny collecting freshly laid eggs from other bunnies.
    This proves Jesus always supported Taxing the working class.

  2. The part where if Jesus sees his shadow as he emerges from the cave, there will be six more weeks of winter.
    That part has to be taken on faith.

  3. Because “Easter” isn’t “Passover”. Passover is the friday (i.e. “good friday”) before Easter, which falls on a Sunday.
    I have never heard of Easter being a pagan holiday – I’ve never heard of the word being used in any context other than Christianity. I’m willing to accept, however, that Christians have borrowed the word from Pagans. Big deal. If enough people use a term incorrectly for long enough, it becomes the accepted definition of the word (sad to say). Easter may have been (I’ll accept your word on it) a pagan fertility ritual, but it doesn’t mean that anymore.

  4. That’s Western Christianity. I’m Russian Orthodox, and we do not celebrate “Easter”, we celebrate “Pascha”, which is an old Greek term borrowed from Latin to describe Passover.
    However, given that Easter is in the spring, and the pagan ritual you speak of celebrated the old Germanic goddess of fertility, it is more likely that Easter was co-opted in order to make more sense to the Celts and Germans to get them to convert to Christianity. I can not prove that, but that would be my guess, and as I say, I do not celebrate Easter, but Pascha.

  5. Thanks for the great question. Hopefully; this question will awaken some believers to look deeper into what the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob expects from His followers. I’ve sat in pews for over thirty years, understanding that a lot of our customary worship was wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on it because I trusted our pastor and the leaders of the denomination.
    During a sermon our pastor once challenged us to accept, if we were ever invited, to a traditional Sedar meal at a Jewish home during Passover. Out of the blue, came such an invitation, and we went. As a follower of the risen Messiah, the experience of worship during Passover was a blessing I can’t describe. Likely this is because the Messiah told us to do so.
    I began a quest for knowledge that caused me to read a book by Lew White, titled “Fossilized Customs”. I thank Mr. White for this eye opening and life changing revelation. However, this book is not for the faint of heart and for a lifelong Christian is kind of like taking a ball bat to the forehead. Later, we discovered a series of books by a guy named Todd Bennett, called the “Walk in the Light” series. The anchor work, “Restoration” is much like Fossilized Customs, but perhaps a bit more gentle and better organized. Perhaps even more helpful is Bennett’s book, “The Law and Grace”
    Many years ago, even before we read all of these books, we were to a degree, ostracized at our local church for objecting to Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and baskets as part of Easter Sunday activities. But now we have escaped Sunday worship, pagan Christmas, pagan Easter, and we observe only the feasts and holy days set aside by the Creator. We obey the Torah, and are forgiven our transgressions through the risen Messiah.
    The Bible means exactly what it says. Nothing is to be added, or taken away. Praise Yah.


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