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What part of the brain gives us consciousness, the ability to understand, and a "soul"?

What I mean is, what part of the brain is responsible for giving us a soul? The part that gives us different personalities, the part that gives us the ability to reason and percieve and make profound statements and the like. Or is the soul just a “magical” part of me?
I have a soul, and where does it come from? Everything comes from something.


  1. well i cant tell you if you have a soul or not, but i DO know that if you have one, it’s not from your brain. Your brain is an organ just like your liver or your ear. no different.

  2. Research the difference between the right and left sides of the brain. That tells you about understanding-either math or art. The soul is God given and cannot be located in the brain, but rather in the heart.

  3. Consciousness is controlled by the hypothalamus, while ability to comprehend and think is controlled by the frontal lobes of the brain.
    “The soul” is not something we can define with physics or biology at this time, so it is more up to your spiritual and religious beliefs as to what forms that.

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    “The soul” is an archaic word for “the mind.” Our “consciousness” is the product of the very complex neurological system which we call “the brain.” Different parts of the brain receive signals which were transducted from physical stimuli at the receptor sites throughout our body: the hair cells in the cochlea (hearing), the cones and rods of our eyes (seeing), the sensory cells in the nasal cavity (smelling), the sensory cells on the tongue (tasting). The last two kinds of sensory cells are “chemoreceptors.” All of these receptors transduce the signals received into neurological signals which are sent to the brain for interpretation. The brain has a storage system which encodes, stores, and retrieves any memory (sensory/short/long). The brain has an organ called the “amygdala” that is involved with memories involving strong emotions. The memories are stored in physical matter (white and grey). “Grey matter” includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, and speech. “White matter” is the cables that connect the grey matter and its messages.


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