What part of philosophy does this relate too?

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When i’m out and about if i think about someone randomly, at least 50% i will see them passing by. This is not realted to the telepathy theory by the way because most of the time it’s people i know of but have never even spoke too.
It also happens with things like movies, say i’m browsing movie sites and come across a movie i think i’ll like and intend to watch, half the time again, i’ll see it when i’m flicking throught the channels on the tv in the next couple of days. It’s wierd.

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it makes statistical sense. The things you are accustomed to are the things you will run into more often. If you are Amish, for example, you are less likely to run across an advertisement for Unstoppable than a movie director living in New York. This is an extreme example, but the basic principle applies to your scenario as well.

Houston, we have a problem

– This has nothing at all to do with philosophy.


As Houston said, it is not philosophy, but beyond Philosophy and it happens not only to you but to many
Yes it happens when you thought something, the level of your consciousness on your desire or on your thought make it to happens, basing on this sciences there many theories are developed and written by name “conscious and sub consciousness mind”
And it is true you can search in web with title: conscious and subconscious mind;


Not surprising, by probability theory.

Blich Cim

It is nothing extraordinary. We all have viruses in our body. They are the aliens that all the viral people are talking about. Aliens are illegal beings that are supposedly came from other places. But the aliens that put the viruses in us are nothing but flies, roaches, mosquitoes, mites, lice, fruit flies, butterflies, and all bacterial lifeforms on the planet that mimic people and other animals; nonetheless, they are neither one of us or the other animals of the blood group.
What you don’t know is that the bacteria living in your belly are controlled by bacteria living outside of your belly. They communicate with each other ignoring the host, which they consider an object, like a turtle living in its shell. The only time you hear the sound of bacteria is when you are hungry.
So, the bacteria in you are manipulating you. Our existence here is to annihilate them. We manage to make the products, such as roach spray. But bacteria multiply so fast that they cannot be annihilated. Our dna is in all the insects due to they eat our refuse and leftover foods. It is not because you are psychic, even though psychic is a virus; rather it is because you are kidnapped by viruses and what you saw and read, are the results of viruses’ communication with each other.
Vaccination is another system the viruses use to get into the system of their victims
Poor person.


Teleology is that branch of philosophy that deals with, roughly speaking, purpose, and how the observer views it. So, because you intend to watch something, or think of someone, you again, very inaccurately speaking, define your goal (the person or the movie) and put it out there. Your attention is already focused on those images of a person or a movie, so it also draws to you and intentionally notices for you those events that seem to correspond to your thoughts.
Just for educational purposes, Carl Jung called such ocassion “synchronicity” while noteworthy philosophers throughout the ages discussed a far grander version of what you described under the title “argument from design.”
At any rate, your experience does fall within traditional framework of philosophy known as teleology. The word itself derives from the greek word “telos,” meaning something like purpose or goal, end result, final cause. And with that my little philosophical lecture reaches its conclusion. LOL. Hope that helped at all.


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