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What part does feminism play in the New World Order? What GWB was talking about?

I’m really not sure what he was talking about, but I do see the effects. There is some kind of ‘NEW ORDER” in the world, but what and by whom I don’t know. Do you think feminism was included in this equation? Are feminists for it or against it?


  1. The only link I could put my fingers on seems to be that NWO’s and Feminists (except the evangelical ones to an extent) share their desire to distance themselves from the Church.

  2. Feminists individually will be against it but the ideology itself became a tool of the ruling classes/patriarchy decades ago.
    Larry Sommers suggested to the UN the the fastest way to develop the developing world was through female empowerment, that’s why UNFEM is playing such a big role in the UN. The more worker bees and re payers of debt the better as far as the international bankers are concerned.
    Gloria Steinem was by her own admission on the CIA payroll and ms. magazine was funded by the Rockefeller foundation.

  3. It also assists in keeping the population in control. More women would want the corporate/business lifestyle, which equals no time for children, and if they do it would be one. Gone are the days of 4,6 or more children. It does away with the family, which coincides with decrease sense of community, which follows a decreased sense of nationalism. And if there is no sense of family, community, or national identity, the individual would be on her own. And how hard would it to be to remove a sense of individuality. And what’s the most ironic, feminism is obsessed with female individuality. Feminism is socially engineered social engineering. I’d say it’s the ultimate Pavlovian experiment.

  4. I would say that your paranoid..but your right the elite are herding the sheep, let’s just hope their intentions are noble.


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