Home Discussion Forum What pagan stories are twisted versions of the stories in the BIBLE?

What pagan stories are twisted versions of the stories in the BIBLE?

The only ones I can think of right now is…
Hercules is based on Samson.
There are several flood stories, all based on Noah’s flood
What else?


  1. Hercules is based on Sampson? Prove it. Other than great strength (which is not limited to these two mythological characters), their stories have nothing in common.

  2. Since you are obviously intent on ignoring all reasonable evidence and pretending your particular myths came first, let’s just go all the way and say every origin myth in every culture everywhere is based on Genesis.

  3. The stories you reference are much older than the oldest known writings in the Bible.
    Another would be the story of Christ. There are stories such as that of Mithra, Horace, Osiris and many Hindu legends that predate the Christian writings.
    You are aware that Hinduism is many thousands of years older than any of the Abrahamic religions? Shamanism is even older than that. Pagan beliefs fall in between historically.

  4. I have seen comments on here some people made that Zeus is God…
    Personally I think it’s interesting that people claim that the pagan stuff has been around longer than the ‘Abrahamic God’ (as they say)…How can one truly know which came first? Dating is just an educated guess I don’t know why people don’t realize this. I believe like you that pagan stories stemmed off biblical history…

  5. To the poster above me, if you think that then you are really, really uneducated as to how literature and artifacts are dated.
    Second of all we know for a fact that some culturers predated the Jewish cultures by the Jews own writings. The God of Abraham didn’t reveal himself as the I AM until Abraham and if you read the texts, he wasn’t the first man on the planet and the Egyptains were all ready pretty advanced.
    The NT came around WAY after the Greek culture began. So that is a no go too.
    Seriously people, get an education.

  6. One just has to look at the lore from Mesopotamia and Canaan to see the earlier influence semitic religions have had on the Israelites and later Abrahamic faiths. Some stories from the Bible are even direct translations from the earlier stories!
    For Instance. God fights and engages war with the “Dragon” of the sea? Now why would an all powerful God have to do that? lol
    And the Jews and Christians can never explain it either.
    This is very simple understanding. It is an earlier Canaanite myth about the sky god Baal Hadad (The Thunderer) battling the god of the sea Yamm, who is also called the Dragon or Leviathan. Later Baal goes on to defeat not only the chaotic sea but also the spirit of death itself.
    The original meaning of the story is that Baal (The Lord) triumphs over the elements of Chaos, the Dragon of the sea and the spirit of death (Both of which later transformed into the figure of Satan and Demonic beings). So that story transfers over later on to the Abrahamic God, who is also called “The Lord” and where he fights with and slays the Dragon of the Sea.
    Of course, I doubt most “Abrahamics” take this story literally as if God actually had to fight a primordial sea monster or demon, but that is what is said in the Bible! Or they will probably says “That’s Satan!” lol
    But to the Canaanites, both Sea and Death were personified as gods and were very real to them, not mere metaphors.


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