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What other really effective herbs for a great memory r there besides Ginko Biloba,or Gotu Kola?

I’m Interested in bettering my body naturally as much as I can for optimum health!


  1. Get some black seed oil. Take a teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day. You will notice the difference. It doesn’t taste that great but it’s very good for you.

  2. For those times when you need to concentrate and stay awake without the highs and lows of caffeine and sugar
    it is great that you are on ginko
    try the following
    ginseng and green tea
    to make the tea
    one teaspoon of fresh grated ginseng and 1/2 tsp of green tea
    to one cup of boiling water
    you can have three cups a day
    you can find the best quality of both at an Oriental grocery store
    Warning do not have this for more than three months or at a higher dose or it may cause you to lose sleep
    do not have this 7 hours before bed or you may not be able to sleep
    for long term you can have one cup in the morning without losing sleep
    but going up to three cups is great if you need to study and remember things
    or you have been sick or have had surgery or recovering from a mild depression

  3. Bacopa monniera is a great herb for memory… but natural memory supplements are typically not herbs. Acetyl-L-Carnigine ( not just L-Carnitine) and Phosphatidlyserine are essential for improving brain function. Also Vinpocetine – which is a flavonoid.
    Go to http://www.iNutritionals.com – line designed by Dr. David Perlmutter (Oprah show) for improved mental performance

  4. If it is for studying you might want to try Inositol, it helps circulation and for some reason it helps concentration. Check GNC vitamins’ guide. Good luck!

  5. I take a natural vitamin called B-complex it improves brain function,learning, memory (ADD, dementia) I take it as there is a history of dementia in my family.

  6. New Sun makes a great product called Advanced Brain; It has all the natural herbs in it to benefit you fully, You can check out the link below for more info.


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