What other bands would I like that are similar to Incubus?





My favorite band of all time is Incubus… more specifically, Incubus’ work on their albums Make Yourself and Morning View. That being said, I can’t find any other bands that are similar to them. I don’t want them to sound just like Incubus, but still have that chill and tranquil quality, yet have a beat at the same time.
Any suggestions?


  1. 311 About 311, Fuel About Fuel, Chevelle About Chevelle, Bush About Bush, Deftones About Deftones, Trapt About Trapt, Finch About Finch, Puddle Of Mudd About Puddle Of Mudd, Staind About Staind, Hoobastank About Hoobastank, Eve 6 About Eve 6, Silverchair About Silverchair, Audioslave About Audioslave, Finger Eleven About Finger Eleven, Stone Sour About Stone Sour, A Perfect Circle About A Perfect Circle, Lostprophets and other
    here is the complete list of similar artists: http://www.tastekid.com//ask?f=1&q=incubus

  2. chill with a beat….hmm
    Deftones – Digital Bath, Change (in the house of flies)
    Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
    Finger eleven – Stay and Drown, One Thing
    Stone Sour – Through Glass ***amazing song***
    Really chill and mellow songs (no words) –
    Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand In Mine
    Team Sleep – Formant
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet
    Cute Is What We Aim For – Practice Makes Perfect **amazing song***
    Breaking Point – Phoenix, Falling Down
    A Day To Remember – I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of?, Since you Been Gone, Over My Head, Holdin it Down for the Underground, Have Faith in Me, and The Downfall of Us All.
    Owl City – Fireflies
    Forever The Sickest Kids – Woah Oh, Becky Starz
    Amity – Lovehatehero
    Crossfade – Colors
    Three Days Grace – Gone Forever, Are you Ready, Over and Over, Animal I have Become, Riot, Breathe, and Blow me Away.
    Mayday Parade – Miserable At Best
    3OH!3 – Still Around (very different from their other stuff, check it out i’ll bet my left nut you’ll like it)
    Keep Me Conscious – Thicker Than Blood, Cars Collided (you’ll only find this band on youtube or Itunes but still check em out)
    Mudvayne – Happy
    Anberlin – Feel Good Drag
    Sense’s Fail – Can’t Be Saved
    And since your a girl…
    Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say
    Iyaz – Replay
    Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA (im ashamed to have this on my ipod and yet…)
    hope i helped! – Joe
    p.s. seriously check out the stuff that i think everyone should have on their ipod…thats some grade A shit right thar.

  3. No other bands are like Incubus, they are too talented, especially with experimenting with music genres (adding DJs in etc.)
    Umm, otherwise try rhcps or juke kartel

  4. incubus is also my all time fav for about 7 or more yrs now and i havent really stumbled over anything similar to them. they truly are unique in there own way.
    just recently though, i went to a minus the bear show and they remind me of incubus. well at least the guitar does. you should check them out if you havent heard them.

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