Home Discussion Forum What OTC medications would you recommend for migraine headache?

What OTC medications would you recommend for migraine headache?

My wife is having a fairly serious migraine at the moment; she’s even having what she calls “ghosting”, or auras, which is unusual for her. She’s suffering pretty badly. She doesn’t want to go to the ER, and she doesn’t have any sort of prescription for Imitrex or any of the standard anti-migraine meds. Are there any over-the-counter medications that might help her?


  1. My family also has pretty terrible migraines… my sympathies to your wife :]
    My dad SWEARS by Excederin Migraine and a coke.

  2. Excerdrin Migraines……but she might need to suck it up and get a prescription for something stronger. I suffer from migraines and the only thing that really works for me is Imitrex….and I need to take it when I first sense it b/c if I wait too long, it doesnt do much! Good luck!

  3. Excedrin Migraine works really well. But, if she’s not under a Dr.’s care for her migraines she should be seen immediately. Also, I used to suffer from Occipital Migraines. I take 2 baby aspirin (81 mg ea) every day. That prevents the migraines for me. Hope everything turns out OK.

  4. Advil Liquid Gels really help me for migraines, but I also pair them with lying down with a really cold cloth over my forehead/eyes in a quiet room, and eat something to regulate my blood sugar as this could be fueling the migraine as well. Best of luck

  5. Migraines seem to be different in nature from patient to patient. Some people respond very well to Excedrin Migraine. For the life of me, I can not see why this couldn’t be taken more than once daily, but that’s what the bottle says. It’s just aspirin, tylenol, and caffeine, but it works very well for some people.
    I discussed this with a pharmacist once. All 3 of these drugs can be taken safely more than once daily. He also felt like it was probably ok to take Excedrin Migraine more than once daily. See what your pharmacist says. Good luck with that. I hope your wife gets better.

  6. An education will help; her symptoms are caused by a ghost (spirit). It does not sound like she is experiencing true migraine auras, but blurred vision around point sources of light. These are viewed because the causative spirit is interfering – becoming luminescent – in her field of view.
    She can confirm a spirit by slowly passing an open and relaxed hand over, but not touching, the focus of her headache. If she experiences a tingling sensation with her hand, she will be feeling the causative spirit.


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