Home Discussion Forum What, or where is the logic in reincarnation?

What, or where is the logic in reincarnation?


  1. Well, I think of it as a cycle. Alot of things in science are cycles- water cycles, rock cycles, processes where one thing becomes another thing, and eventually ends up as the original thing again. If you think as reincarnation as a type of “consciousness cycle” or maybe “soul cycle” then it doesn’t sound that illogical. (Just FYI, I don’t really believe in reincanation myself, but I see where it could make sense.)

  2. Some link it to the concept of “karma” which has 0 logic unless you need a fantasy based teaching to keep you in line like heaven/hell. However if you look to nature, everything seems to be recycled. Water becomes clouds, the decaying flowers feed new plants, etc. If you believe that humans souls are just pure energy, it makes sense that this energy would be recycled somehow. Thats what our early ancestors thought, by observing nature.

  3. Reincarnation is like getting another chance to complete a task set by the Deity, or to go to the next level up! I think it makes perfect sense. It is better than saying “OK you can die and have a lot left unlearned and not go on to your reward!”

  4. The logic is that a soul can not die, so it attaches to a new being. I suppose it’s about as logical as christians believing in Heaven.

  5. its only for a specific religion don’t worry about it. the Hindu’s … or is it Islam’s anyway they are the only ones who think they are coming back because they pray to this endless list of gods and profits… based on what they do on earth its basically judgment day for them… in there case

  6. Hindu dudes think that if we have an infinite amount of chances at life, we’ll eventually make the right choices. As for me, one life on this pianful rock is enough, to make me want to be where God is.

  7. Recycling, and limited resources. There are only so many souls that come around in a period of time, so they cycle back and forth constantly. To avoid problems, the memory of the last life is pushed so deep into the mind that it can’t easily bother the person, unless it does so subconsciously. Also, we could be being reincarnated as alien beings. I do believe in it myself.


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