Home Discussion Forum What oils are good for unblocking chakras?

What oils are good for unblocking chakras?

It would be helpful if someone can name some oils that are good for unblocking specific chakras.
I suppose you just apply a bit of the oil over the chakra, right?


  1. Hmm, can’t say I’ve ever heard of oils being able to unblock Chakra points. I only know of meditation for such purposes.
    I will ask though – what specific Chakra are you wanting to unblock?

  2. Some people make special oils for opening the Chakras — there are some (I warn probably low-quality) ones by the Anna Riva brand for example.
    I might also try using a conjure formula called Block Buster for the purpose.

  3. The link below is to an article on different Essential Oils you can use for each of the Chakras if you would like to check it out.


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