Home Discussion Forum What occult texts can I read that are not christian influenced?

What occult texts can I read that are not christian influenced?

I’m getting more serious about magic, and I’ve been reading a bunch of occult texts and such, none of which really catch my interest because of all the talk of Christ being perfect, and reference to YAHWEH and Angels and things like this. I would like to learn magic, but id like the material to be more focused on magic itself and not so much on gods and his helpers. Any books you can recommend?


  1. I think you got it backwards. What Christian texts are not influenced by the occult?
    Personally, I do study things that fit that description, and I have gotten over the stigma.

  2. Try a site called ‘sacred texts’ a search will bring it up. It has a lot of very interesting info and practically any book you could care to imagine 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, most of the greatest magical innovations occurred during the Middle Ages, and Christianity was the dominant religion at that time. The Greek Magical Papyrii are not Christian influenced, but they are also extremely primitive. Jewish Kabbalah is monotheistic, but is more concerned with the structure of the universe and the way it actually works, rather than plugging some anthropomorphic deity.
    Traditional Wicca, which gets its lineage from the Golden Dawn, visa vi Thelema, has done a great job of taking the truths of (the Christian variant of) Kabbalah, and giving them pagan drapery, but also looses much of the essential mystical nuances of that tradition.
    You are really best off reading everything you can get your hands on, and controlling your gag reflex long enough to evaluate the ideas presented, not just the religious dogma presented with it.

  4. Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law and Holy Books of Thelema, stand alone for having an almost anti-Christianity vibe about them. However, you need to steep yourself in Hebrew, Greek, and Egyptian mysticism to reap the full value of the books.
    Most every other text will have some sort of christian reference, i recommend viewing christ as a man with a great deal of spiritual endowments than a literal son of god or ever more distorted god itself.

  5. try some vedic or hindu to english translations of the Upinishads and some of the more obscure bhuddist texts.
    You can also look at middle eastern and persian books including astronomy for help, also the older wilder celtic texts would be a good idea.


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