• like the first answer.
    When he was studying with jehovah witnesses, Jehovah witness don’t believe in supporting movies like zombies and vampires, and ghosts.

    Because they feel you are supporting those demons etc.
    However, i am like Michael was,I studied with the JWs (I still hold their beliefs), BUT i happen to really like zombie movies,and vampire movies, and ghost movies. It’s entertaining, but I just don’t believe in them is all,

  • what the first answer said..and he was a jehovahs witness and they threatened to kick him out because “they are not supposed to delve into the supernatural” so thats why he put that

  • He meant he doesnt worship the devil and like zombies and dead people and stuff. I guess he thought people would get the wrong idea since he was dancing with some zombies lol. You know how judgemental people are.

  • Well I don’t he was not referring to anyone…he was just saying that he is not in one…………

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