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what native american tribe should i go and visit?

I am deeply interested in spirituality and magic and i really want to learn shamanism but not from an english shaman because they aren’t real shamans, no real shaman would charge for there teachings. so what tribe in native america should i go and study with, one that has a shaman and hasn’t had to much contact with humans, so not the Navajo or cherokee or hopi because the have had lots of contact.
it can be in Canada but not south america bbecause they have tribes with poison darts and thsoe ones scare me


  1. I know a native shaman very well, who originally came from northern Canada. However, learning to be one, assuming you have the talent, is a life long thing. She began learning at her grandmother’s knee basically, and in her 50’s is still learning, as she trades lore with other healers/shamen.. You would need to learn the language, as the stories etc., are not in English, in fact, she does not know the English words for most of the plants she uses in her medicines. And, their way is to not write things down, so you would have to be excellent at oral memorization. The one I know would also likely not take students, especially from outside her own people, and there are so few true ones left, that finding one won’t be easy!
    They key is to talk to elders. If you are white, you will likely get little response, but, you never know. You are quite correct in that a true one will not charge for their services though, so you are on the right track at least. The best way I know of is to talk to elders.

  2. Uh, I would say that that would be pretty hard. You see, I think you have the romantic idea that Native Americans have his spirituality with nature and such. This is what I have to say: Native Americans are like everyone else. They don’t have powers or anything.
    But I think the real magic is them knowing how to first harvest corn. Ask any agriculturist, they should know what I’m talking about.

  3. 1) You aren’t Native American – you won’t find a tribe that will teach you their spirituality.
    2) Shamanism IS from Northern European so YOU are the one in error. You will find authentic shamanism among Heathens of England and Northern Europe, especially among the Laplanders, Finns, Siberian tribes, etc.
    3) you’re dreaming if you think there are tribes that haven’t had a lot of contact with the mainstream, European cultures. You’re wanting to buy into mythology of ‘medicine men/women’ that will take on a student and teach them everything. They don’t. And your New Age mythology is that – mythology.
    4) go to South America and find a tribe that likes you on the Amazon. Maybe they’ll teach you their spirituality but don’t hold your breath.
    and ignore the other answers: though non-Natives peddling New Age stuff is probably what you’re seeking
    don’t dismiss mine either. I have my BIA card in my wallet and I WAS a Northern European Heathen – what you’re wanting isn’t going to happen
    and you wouldn’t pay for taking up a teacher’s time? That’s insulting.
    btw: Native Americans ARE human


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