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what native american tribe should i go and visit to learn shamanism?

I am deeply interested in spirituality and magic and i really want to learn shamanism but not from an english shaman because they aren’t real shamans, no real shaman would charge for there teachings. so what tribe in native america should i go and study with, one that has a shaman and hasn’t had to much contact with humans, so not the Navajo or cherokee or hopi because the have had lots of contact.
it can be in Canada but not south america bbecause they have tribes with poison darts and thsoe ones scare me


  1. If you are not Native American yourself, you may have a hard time finding one who will teach you.
    As for not having much contact with humans – what the hell do you think the other members of their tribes are?

  2. Native Americans have “no” shamans.
    Shamanism is a Siberian/Russian practise. So that is where you have to go.

  3. no. stay away from our people. for your own good because its obvious you should not be out alone.
    we do not have shamans. magic? no. and your reference to natives without much contact with humans is damned insulting. we ARE humans, thanks.

  4. You have much to learn young padiwan. Most Native Americans do not consider themselves shamans even if their practices are similar. Shamanic cultures are all over the world so do not think one person holds the key to your enlightenment.
    I have two sights I will show you to help you on your path.
    This will tell you what a shaman is:
    This will show you my experience:

  5. answer: I’m glad Kan and others caught this one.
    1) You aren’t Native American – you won’t find a tribe that will teach you their spirituality.
    2) Shamanism IS from Northern European so YOU are the one in error. You will find authentic shamanism among Heathens of England and Northern Europe, especially among the Laplanders, Finns, Siberian tribes, etc.
    3) you’re dreaming if you think there are tribes that haven’t had a lot of contact with the mainstream, European cultures. You’re wanting to buy into mythology of ‘medicine men/women’ that will take on a student and teach them everything. They don’t. And your New Age mythology is that – mythology.
    4) go to South America and find a tribe that likes you on the Amazon. Maybe they’ll teach you their spirituality but don’t hold your breath.
    and don’t dismiss Kan’s and other answers – they ARE Native Americans
    don’t dismiss mine either. I have my BIA card in my wallet and I WAS a Northern European Heathen – what you’re wanting isn’t going to happen
    and you wouldn’t pay for taking up a teacher’s time? That’s insulting.

  6. Try the tribe called the Wah-naa -bees. They have shamans and just love telling white people NDN secrets. Leave those Mohawks and Anishanbess alone because they might muck you up!

  7. Did you stop to think before posting this question? You want to find a shaman who has had little contact with humans? For a start the natives on YA are endlessly telling people there are no shamans in their beliefs. Listen to them,they know. Try Tibet ,I know some of the priests are shaman but I doubt they would share with an outsider especially one with such a twisted view.Since when was a native not human? Just how insulting can you get , all people are human and you really ought to know that . You ask for help and insult the very people you are asking,the mind boggles. Funny how you have picked up on the fact that the genuine article would not charge. Start searching in the right parts of the world,but with your attitude I doubt any will help you at all and very few would share their knowledge with anyone.


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