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what naruto episode is this?

im looking for a naruto episode to help me with a drawing …i just cant remeber the episode or tha number…………….what i do know is that sakura was fighting kabuto and some guy pulled his heart out of his chest (not kabuto) and put something to trap nauto in a box sort of thing and he couldnt get out of it and he was like his chakra was connected to it so if he died so did naruto or something like that and it was geting smaller like crushing him oooooo and ii almost forgot i think it to do with the rice village or something and some girl was looking for him i cant remeber if it was his cousin or sister tho and he was kidnapped by orochimaru…maybe its the one when orochimaru had his body and the guy couldnt leave the lair and i remeber at the end it collapsed and the guys heart was black and had chakra cords connected to it


  1. the first arc of the endless fillers you can find it in episodes 137-141. I have the entire collection i can tell you 100% that it’s in one of those 5 episodes.

  2. The episode where “Kabuto” takes out his heart that was connected Naruto was episode 140. The one where Naruto gets trapped in the box that kept getting smaller was next one, episode 141. These two episode weren’t in the manga, but you were right about them being in the rice country/village (Forgot, but I think it’s country).


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