Home Discussion Forum What might this dream mean? I believe it had spiritual implications.?

What might this dream mean? I believe it had spiritual implications.?

Last night I had a dream that I was in this room, and a blonde haired woman came and had a conversation with me. She told me that I was dreaming, and that she was here to tell me that I am going to do something bad. Not something that would land me in jail, but something hurtful to another. She did not tell me who I was going to hurt, and she didn’t respond to any of my questions( I don’t remember the questions I asked her) Anyway, I do remember that she would not answer my questions.
As I stood there asking her questions, she extended her arm to me, and without saying anything, she touched me. As soon as she touched me, I then felt a jolt, that woke me up. Apparently, that Jolt was me nearly jumping off the couch, as if something scared me.
Interesting things about the dream:
This dream seemed well organized,and there was nothing strange in it.
The woman was beautiful, and wearing white cloths.
The woman knew I was in a dream, and that is not normal in most of my dreams.
Her touch resulted in me awakening suprised like.
Another interesting part of this dream is that I remember everything, except for the questions I asked her.


  1. Dreams don’t mean anything. They’re basically a representation of everything you heard or saw before you fell asleep, and they are also combined with thoughts, feelings and images that are in your subconscious.

  2. Blond hair? Telling you that you would be doing something bad & hurt someone.
    I used to have jolts like that when I was in a 1yr breakdown. I couldn’t sleep soundly because I’d be zapped awake. Plus seeing light zaps or like electricity zaps that startled me awake.
    Sometimes this was demonic oppression. But sometimes God’s Kingdom does that too. As I have learned that Jesus did this to me also. Because I had been in trouble from God during that breakdown also.
    So the jolt wakes you up so you remember the dream.
    She could be a Saint from heaven. She representing the bride of Christ. Dressed in white representing that she had on the Righteousness of the Saint.
    So she is warning you of a possible bad judgment of yours that will harm someone. So pray about what this might be. She didn’t answer probably because you are suppose to seek Jesus in prayer about what it might mean. So to press in & seek God. Pray for discernment to know to choose the right behavior so someone will not get hurt unnecessarily.

  3. This was not good. If this had been Jesus or any of Gods Angels they would have answered your questions. (And you would have remembered them.) They also would have shown you a way to avoid doing anyone harm. This being is not from God. (The Devil has many disguises, especially beautilful ones.) That jolt was supposed to scare you. If this happens again, tell this being to go away that they are not wanted there. If you have a Pastor, Priest or other Spiritual advisor talk to them. You might need a spiritual recharge.

  4. “…might mean”, eh?
    Well, I find that dreams are much like answering questions. Here are three ways we answer a question:
    1) Impulse – first thing that comes to mind.
    2) Considered – think first
    3) Reflective – deferred thinking
    As I understand things we can be served in our dreams by our intellect, our super-conscious, sub-consciousness and our human needs.
    We inevitably hurt one another as a consequence of our being human. Angels understand this. Your dream-visitor was not only honest but also very polite and patient, eh? Yeah. I think she was informing you that moral issues are coming to your experiences of life soon.
    Just to let you consider this as possible I’ll tell you why she didn’t answer your questions. OK?
    She only hears reflective questions. Her answers are reflections of a future experience. The question becomes, What to do. I’d suggest you chose reflection.
    What’s reflection? Well, it’s considering what you know, applying your sincerity and finding something that just became obvious. It’s training the brain.


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