what might happened if Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison were given Ritalin?

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according to our psychiatrists(so called doctors) these scientists (Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison) have suffered from add(attention deficit disorder) and some other mental diseases
what might have happened if these scientists(Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison) were given Ritalin or other narcotic drugs(so called psychiatric drugs)
is there anyway to stop those people (psychiatrists) drugging our children

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Einstein would have focused on those patents he was filing instead of formulating the theory of relativity.


The lightbulb would have been invented sooner because Edison’s team of inventors wouldn’t have had such a hard time trying to convince him that horse hair was not the answer and that tungsten was.
I don’t know about Einstein. He would have probably become so enthralled with the feeling of rubbing chalk on slate that he wouldn’t be able to properly concentrate on his equations.


in the “modern education system” their only prospect would have been a career as semi illiterate trash colectors. assuming they would have qualified to operate “complicated machinery”
which says more about “modern education”


I got whoopings to settle me down. I sure am glad that Ritalin had not been invented yet during my childhood.


How about the parents that take their kids to the doctor because they do not behave as the parents want them to.
Are they without guilt?
Only if parents raise their kids badly and then go to the doctor because they do not want to spend time or make an effort, can you actually have this situation.


Perhaps they would have been more focused and achieved even more.
Perhaps better parenting and better discipline in schools would eradicate much of the need for ritalin and, let’s not forget, you have to pay for medical care in USA, so doctors are all too ready to prescribe drugs (whether or not an individual really needs them) to boost the bank balance.


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