What methods can we used to objectively determine which near-death experience are genuine?





Is it merely that near-death experiences that agree with our beliefs regarding an afterlife are genuine and others are false, or is there a more objective method?


  1. The method of observation is the most common one used. There is no such thing as objective testing, any kind of testing is done by humans who can not be objective. I think the science of Quantum Mechanics has proven that. For those who have had the experience it is very real and changes their life forever. For those who have not had the experience it is an unknown. So if you wish to really know about near death experiences them you should read a few hundred of the thousands of them posted on the web. It will give a better idea of them than listening to those who never had one, but believes they know everything about them. The world is full of experts with no experiences. I will leave a link to the real research being done on NDEs.

  2. I was resuscitated four times before lapsing into a ten day coma and twice more coming out of the coma.
    Did I have an NDE – NO.
    Did I have hallucinations – FECK YES.
    If this ole trip’n hippie hadn’t known better I might have thought I was having an NDE.
    I often wonder if people who claim to have had NDE’s were to take an hallucinogen, if they might rethink and recant there experience for what it really was – a brain fart.

  3. if you ever have one you will know if it’s genuine or not when god sends someone down to get you and you are called by your proper name no nick names just your birth name.
    happened to me and that’s how my name was used not my short name.

  4. I’ll need to see medical records, documented by board certified physician, with hospital logo and address appearing on the records.
    Most near death delusions are caused by lack of oxygen, and nothing more.

  5. The more we understand the brain and the way it works, the more we understand its myriad functions, from dreams to near-death experiences (NDEs). So far, there is no evidence that points to NDEs being anything more than the brain adapting to stimuli without consciousness. As noted, a lack of oxygen undoubtedly has an effect as well.
    We have seen that NDEs vary from person to person. Christians have NDEs that match their expectations, as do Hindus, etc. This is all the more reason to believe that there is a subjective nature to the experiences, and that they are the domain of the individual’s brain… not an experience that somehow takes place independent of said brain.

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